Letters: June 3, 2011

How about a mural foundation? </strong

Thank you for trying to resolve the “Our Lady of Guadaloupe Mural.” I do appreciate your vote to spend city money on a consultant to give more information in the hopes it can be removed to a site where we can view and visit the special mural.
I do not understand the lack of technical support (anonymous would be good) of the artists who so carefully crafted and created the entire issue. Why are they not in contact with city and staff advising them of their set up process so we did not have to pay for a consultant so council could move forward faster towards a resolution for us.
I read in one local newspaper that mural T-shirts were a hot selling item. One vendor is Mike Andreen. It did not mention that anyone was contributing from these sales to the city of Encinitas to assist in the cost
generated by them to help solve this issue in a positive way, as so many of the residents would like.
If the consultants findings can allow transfer of the mural, there will be more expense so maybe a mural foundation could be formed by these T-shirt vendors to cover costs.
Thank you council again for your efforts. If it has to come down, it will always be remembered.

Jo Moran

Maybe the SEALs put up the mural

The Coast News’ front-page article on May 20 about the Surfing Madonna refers to the “secretive” creation of the mosaic (“City decides: ‘Surfing Madonna’ mosaic must go”). Man, is this an understatement! This operation was much more than “secretive.” It was thoroughly planned down to the minutest detail involving strategic surveillance that must have gone on for days before the decision was made to go or not got.
Back up alternatives must have been developed should the operation meet unexpected reversals. And, this entire precision operation was carried out in broad daylight only a few hundred yards from the compound of Encinitas’ governing seat. How could they not have known?
They were charged with the safety and protection of this overpass in downtown Encinitas’ busiest intersection. Only a highly trained and dedicated strike force could have successfully pulled of such a daring mission, the likes of which we’ve not seen since the raid on Bin Laden’s fortress at Abbottabad.
There’s only one creditable explanation. The SEALs pulled this off. They are the ones who serve their country by swimming through polluted waters. They are not the only ones to gain by protecting the ocean but they definitely have the skills needed to put the emphasis where it belongs. City Council should pay more attention to the text of the mosaic which is, after all, for their consumption.
May The Madonna of the Ocean help those beach goers who consume the water off Encinitas’ beaches, among the most polluted in California.

William Sublette

Treasure hunting

I look for treasures in thrift stores. I found one, a Bose radio for only $6. Took it home and tried it out. Lo and behold, I heard classical music. Looked at the frequency and it was 91.5 FM.
That was two weeks ago and I continue to listen to it in my home, car, and at my girlfriend’s place. I didn’t know how much classical music can sought the savage beast.
I have a beautiful collection of LPs, cassette tapes and CDs. The problem is that they end at some point and one has to turn over or put in a new recording.
I may sell my collection and make more room for books and movies. Give it a try and listen to 91.5 FM.

William Hart

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