The Coast News Group

Letters: June 26, 2009

Encinitas needs Pacific View</strong
The community continues to express great interest in the Pacific View site, which was originally donated for a school and playgrounds. Now another foundation could be set up through the city, as was done for the Boathouses, which are also historic Encinitas landmarks.
The Naylor Act requires that eight years prior to when surplus school property is offered for lease or for sale, it must have been used for playgrounds and fields. Pacific View was so used before being leased to the city for a temporary public works yard, when the fields were paved over for parking.
According to state law, EUSD must offer 30 percent of the land at 25 percent of the currently appraised value. A formal appraisal report must take into account that we are now in Stage II drought; no new water meter permits are being given out. Also, the appraised value would be for the current zoning, which is for public/semi-public use, not mixed or residential use.
Encinitas would not be required to purchase the entire site at this time. Paying $1 million, or less, for 30 percent of the property would insure a prime location for the old schoolhouse, not crowded in with high-density development, or amidst another housing tract. As you know, Moonlight Lofts sits almost entirely vacant, and Pacific Station construction is under way. This downtown area does not need more development.
Encinitas does need more open space, and a pocket park, perhaps with one half-field/baseball diamond, would be ideal. Half fields are normally used for youth soccer.
I fondly remember my daughters playing soccer and softball at Pacific View. This beautiful site could be an asset to the entire community. It’s not too late for the city to make plans to purchase at least a portion of Pacific View at a rock bottom price.

Lynn Braun Marr