Letters: July 23, 2010

Plenty of charitable things happening in Carlsbad
Sharing. Giving. Taking care of one another. Philanthropy. Whatever you call it, it’s growing in Carlsbad. The Carlsbad Charitable Foundation, or CCF, is beginning its fourth year.
During the past three years, Carlsbad residents and businesses have pooled their funds in the CCF to provide over $141,800 to organizations assisting Carlsbad residents. In fact, those grants have included teaching a business curriculum to fifth-graders (BizTown), capital expenses to allow eighth-graders to hone their scientific skills (Science Olympiad), food bank services for seniors (North County Food Bank), transportation for seniors (Interfaith Community Services), training for hospice professionals to be able to diagnose pain (San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care), and now, this year, training and counseling for families involved in divorce (Kids Turn), and assessing and coordinating faith-based organizations in Carlsbad (Interfaith Community Services). Whew. Lots of work by CCF volunteers to vet the grant applications and to offer the membership a qualified slate for a vote. Thank you for your contributions.
The Carlsbad Charitable Foundation is open to all residents who live or work in Carlsbad and who want to make a difference in their community through this pooling of contributions. Thank you for your trust, and be proud of the many resounding successes that follow.

Yvonne Murchison Finocchiaro
CCF Chairman of the Board

Not on board with zone change

On July 8, the Planning Commission of Carlsbad approved a Lowe’s store at the corner of Palomar Airport Road and El Camino Real (former Olympic Resort). They then proceeded to endorse the necessary zone change at this same meeting. Only 124 addresses were notified of the meeting. As every resident of Carlsbad knows, these two congested corridors are a challenge now. Adding a big box store that generates high traffic and a few low-paying jobs will only compound the problem.
Of even greater concern, this new zoning can be applied anywhere in the city — on lots as small as a half-acre. Carlsbad is now updating their General Plan at a significant investment of public funds. Why would they prejudice their ability to update the plan by making such a drastic change now with no real public participation?

Diane Nygaard
Preserve Calavera