The Coast News Group

Letters: January 29, 2010


How do we know that our Supreme Court is without corruption? I know that Sen. Max Baucus took $3.4 million from insurance companies, how do I know that justices Roberts and Thomas haven’t taken such bribes? Is the citizenry of this country allowed to investigate the integrity and honesty of our judges? What’s to stop Corporate America from lining their pockets too, how would we know?
With the recent decision handed down by the Supreme Court, that it is now legal for corporations to give unlimited amounts of money to congressional campaigns, corporations can now give so much money, that we normal citizens, will not be able to ante-up enough to make even a slight difference. This sounds so much like bribery to me. Before, the constitution protected us, the common people, from powerful states and banks running this country, however, the Supreme Court just reversed that protection. Why? Doesn’t it seem odd that the top judges of the land that are supposed to be protecting and interpreting our laws suddenly turn our government over to the rich and powerful? I believe this gives me the right to question, to wonder, if they were influenced like Max Baucus was influenced!
As someone said after the Supreme Court’s decision was released, “Congressmen will begin wearing logos on their clothes to show what company they represent.”
This is a very sad day in history of this nation.

Madison Lang