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Letters: January 2, 2009

Roundabouts aren’t the only answer

The majority of residents support beautifying North 101 in Leucadia. Contrary to JP’s letter (Dec. 26, 2008), we aren’t afraid of change. We don’t have to sacrifice majority concerns for special interests, a few business owners paying low property taxes.
To suggest it’s either one of the currently proposed alternatives, or declaring Leucadia blighted, and foisting a redevelopment agency upon us, is a fallacious argument. Leucadians don’t have to be manipulated by fear.
The only public input at the last workshop at Encinitas City Hall was the survey, which showed a strong majority supported none of the proposed alternatives. When Bob Nanninga called out advocating planting native species, he was “shouted down” — public speakers weren’t allowed. Additionally, over 450 signatures on petitions at Leucadia Glass and Sub Palace against roundabouts shouldn’t be discounted.
Business owners want more parking; this shouldn’t come from the general fund. I saw no mention on the survey or any of the petitions re: blocking Leucadia Boulevard. Alternative One would have required cutting down most of our canopy, then “restoring” it. Only at the last workshop was Alternative Four presented, which still mandates five roundabouts and three narrow lanes.
Five roundabouts in just over two miles would necessitate private property encroachment, as admitted by Peder Norby, 101 Czar. We aren’t in favor of limiting northbound traffic on Highway 101 to one lane and narrowing all three lanes. We can slow traffic by enforcing the existing speed limit. More stop signs and U-turn lanes could be helpful.
NCTD should be required to provide landscaping along the tracks. The specific plan for Leucadia isn’t now being enforced consistently by providing adequate parking. A few business owners want to stop cut-through traffic from I-5. We can slow traffic, also preserving and protecting the canopy without five roundabouts.

Lynn Braun Marr