Letters: December 26, 2008

Support the Leucadia Streetscape Project
Leucadia was founded in 1870 but it has been viewed as the red-headed stepchild of Encinitas since incorporation in 1986. Leucadia has a neglected and unsustainable infrastructure. The highway is in horrible condition. The Leucadia Boulevard/101 intersection is dangerous and dysfunctional. The once impressive tree canopy has been hacked by the careless and destroyed by the heartless. Our sidewalks are incomplete,
we have no streetlamps and our center medians are weedy and void of the flowers that once bloomed with splendor. This is a fragile time in Leucadia’s history, that is why we must come together as a community and support the Streetscape project.
Three years ago there was push to declare Leucadia “blighted” and form a redevelopment Agency that would have drastically altered Leucadia and swept away private properties under eminent domain. Leucadians fought the RDA and won. The natural solution to our rough edges was not redevelopment, but a downtown main street program. A decade since the general specific plan was written, Leucadia is on the cusp of receiving the investment it needs to survive into the 21st Century.
There is opposition, Leucadians fear change and some of the Streetscape concepts are new and bold. Roundabouts and a reconfiguration of the northbound lanes seem wild and out of the box. But, roundabouts may be a clever solution a dangerous strip of highway
that routinely takes lives, and a single northbound lane allows for the replanting of 1,000 new canopy trees.
I predict the movement to halt the Streetscape will only lead to another, and this time unstoppable Redevelopment Agency. As a community we can hammer out the details, but to kill the Streetscape project entirely would be reckless
J.P. St. Pierre

Let’s take back our streets
As a father of young children, I am concerned that drug dealers are openly selling drugs on streets. I think that known dealers names and pictures should be posted around town. Let’s make parents and residents aware of activities that are taking place under our noses. Our little beach town should get this scum off the streets!
Bill Cavanaugh

Charley Marvin doesn’t speak for everyone
Regarding Charley Marvin’s guest column of Dec. 12, Charley states, “ … all Leucadians are extremely excited about the proposed improvements to our beloved North Coast Highway 101 Corridor.” In fact, as evidenced by the response to the public meetings and surveys, most Leucadians do not approve of any of the proposed “improvements.”

Gerry Rahill

Streetscape project is what Leucadia needs
After reading last week’s letters from Mr. Harrison and Ms. Marr, it appears that the options on the Leucadia Streetscape plan and why they are offered are not clear to them.
The public should be aware that the third workshop did offer and encourage public input, the signatures mentioned in a survey were signing a survey that stated such things as Leucadia Boulevard would dead end at the tracks, most of the trees would be felled and other misleading statements.
What would create bottlenecks are stop signs, not roundabouts. Drive up Leucadia. Boulevard, through Del Mar or Bird Rock. You drive through the roundabouts and stop and wait at the signs. Roundabouts are safer for drivers, walkers, bikes; increase traffic flow even at lower speeds; offer landscape beatification options; and are wiser environmentally. One lane going north would allow for the canopy to be restored, increase parking, provide safe bike lanes and allow for a trail on the east side. NCTD is not going to replant trees. Issues such as saving the canopy, parking, safe traffic for cars and people walking or biking were brought up when the Specific Plan was drafted and when the public was invited to participate in the design. The city, staff, and Peltz and Associates have done a commendable job in taking all these issues into account in the design options and getting input from hundreds of concerned citizens.
I encourage interested parties to keep involved and be well-informed.
Visit the city Web site or Leucadia101.com. for detailed information. Support the long-awaited and well-deserved Leucadia Streetscape.
Morgan Mallory