Letters: Dec. 3, 2010

Bill Arballo’s column will be missed
There seem to be less of us who understand the importance of reading the paper and who actually enjoy the experience.
I was sad to hear that Bill Arballo is retiring from writing his great little column in The Coast News. In a time where much that is called news is not, I knew that anything I read in Bill’s column was true because that is the kind of man that Bill is. The Leucadia Town Council could always depend on Bill to give us space to let the community know about upcoming events, as he did with many other organizations.
He understood the importance of the newsprint and his column was a good way to find out what was happening in the neighborhood.
I consider myself lucky to know this man who understands what public service actually means. Thank you, Bill, for everything you have done and continue to do for your community. You are an example to all of us. Looking forward to seeing you at the next event.
Rachelle Collier

Garrick’s mailer ‘deceptive’
Last week’s “mailer survey” from Assemblyman Garrick concerning the sale of the Del Mar Fairgrounds was sent out on state letterhead. On its face, the survey seems a fact finding mission; however, the alleged survey questions are so biased they insult intelligence. Even the most casual reader would conclude that Mr. Garrick’s intent is to shape public opinion about the sale rather than feedback.
Survey questions omit the 22nd Ag District’s intentions to redevelop the fairgrounds into a self-contained convention center, and then insinuate the fairgrounds sale would “create a drastic change of life.”
That’s deceptive. Survey questions omit the 22nd Ag’s intentions to redevelop the fairgrounds and eliminate the racetrack, then question if “the sale should require that horse racing continue as a part of the deal.” That’s deceptive.
Then he asks the public if we would miss the attributes and enjoyment of a public treasure. That’s deceptive. Language that insinuates an attempt to buy the fairgrounds was “previously defeated” is deceptive. Language that implies the sale of the fairgrounds to Del Mar will eliminate County Fair and then asks, “What do you think?” is manipulative and deceptive.
The most impacted surrounding cities do not want the intensified plans of the 22nd Ag District. The fear and doom and gloom will not be caused by the preservation of our current lifestyle as Mr. Garrick would like us to believe; rather we will suffer from the intensive redevelopment suggested by the 22nd Ag District. I do not think that Assemblyman Garrick cares about the real facts or the concerns of his constituents; his mind is obviously made up already, and this deceptive survey poorly disguises his political stance on the proposed sale. The use of taxpayer funds to produce and disseminate the survey heaves insult upon injury.

Steve Ostrow
Solana Beach