Letters: April 9, 2010

Re: Community Commentary ‘Ours is to reason why’ (April 2, 2010)
Dear people like KP Raver,
Democracy is a form of government that is for and by the constituents. Socialism is an economic system. The two are neither mutually exclusive nor incompatible. Our constitution set up a representative democracy, that is, the people give their power to an elected representative and this collection of representatives run the country. As a citizen of the country, I can control the government by working with my elected representatives.
The constitution did not set up an economic system.
KP Raver would like the whole truth. So would I. I would like to see the transcript of the energy discussion of January 2001(attended by Dick Cheney, Ken Lay, et al). I would like to know where are the WMDs? You know the list.
The Republicans were not shut out of the process, they chose not to participate. They locked out their constituents! It is they that are trying to “transmute this nation” but to an oligarchy. (“Narcissistic greed”? How does this not characterize the previous administration?)
We still live in a democracy, which is a Byzantine combination of the economic systems of socialism and capitalism. The majority has spoken. We all will be better off, now that the decision has been made, to all work together than to grouse about it.
Thank you, Founding Fathers, for the First Amendment.
Gregg Ferry 


Salzhandler deserves a picture
I attended the Encinitas State of the City event (courtesy of friends) and left about 9:15 p.m. I was sorry I could not stay to see Danny Salzhandler receive his Citizen
of the Year Award, so when I opened the most recent The Coast News (April 2, 2010) and the Encinitas First newsletter, it was very disappointing to see his picture was not in either one. Sad.
So my Congratulations Danny (and Norma) you have worked very hard in this
community for art issues and the Banner Program is marvelous.

Jo Moran

Editor’s response: We agree that Danny Salzhandler deserved to have his picture in the paper to accompany his award as Citizen of the Year. Unfortunately, the picture taken of him on that evening was not usable. Our apologies and congratulations to Mr. Salzhandler.