Legoland Hotel opens with pirates, pomp and circumstance

Legoland Hotel opens with pirates, pomp and circumstance
Numerous VIPs, including all members of the Carlsbad City Council, attended the opening ceremony for the Legoland Hotel on Friday, April 5. Photo by Rachel Stine

CARLSBAD — With pirates and pomp and circumstance, Legoland opened its first hotel before a sea of VIP guests on Friday, April 5.


The three-story 250-room hotel will serve the guests of the Legoland theme park and aquarium in Carlsbad.

The opening ceremony was officiated by three characters who represented the hotel’s themes: kingdom, adventure, and pirate. Local city officials, including all five city council members and a sea of journalists, attended the event, which was marketed to a tee.

“It’s like a storybook, and if I was a little girl and I drew a perfect castle to live in, it would look like this,” said Carlsbad Councilmember Farrah Douglas.

Aiming to please its children clientele, the hotel was decked out with Legos galore and playful surprises like a whoopee cushion corner with complimentary flatulence sound effects.

“The hotel is cool because it looks like it’s built out of Legos,” said five-year-old Jackson Barry, a resident of Solana Beach who attended the opening with his mother Catherine.


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