League completes environmental survey with positive findings

COAST CITIES — The League of Women Voters North Coast San Diego County has released its Sustainability Activities survey, done for each North Coast city, titled “How Green are the North Coast Cities.” It is posted at www.lwvncsd.org.
City staff participants from Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, Oceanside, Solana Beach and Vista were asked questions designed to evaluate efforts toward land and water conservation, building code updates, establishment of open spaces and its management, assessment and reduction of green house gases and alternate energy sources.
The goal was to determine how each city responded to the mandated and practical need to adopt sustainable practices. City commitment to sustainability efforts via budget preparation, allocation of staff, and efforts to educate and involve citizens in sustainable practices were all evaluated.
League members believe the interviews resulted in some notable findings peculiar to each city, but it is also noted that since each city is unique and varies in population, land area and budget constraints, each one encourages public education and awareness of sustainable goals. The League maintains that there are reportedly big differences in what each city has budgeted to implement their goals, but all are seemingly aware of the serious challenge to accomplish sustainable goals.
“We are very pleased to find that every city we studied has made some significant changes to its habits and budget to begin the long process of dealing with climate change and developing sustainability,” said Anne Omsted, League of Women Voters chairman of the Sustainable Issues Group. “It is clear that more needs to be done in every case, but we are delighted at the progress made to date.”
Suzanne Carneiro, who consolidated the responses, reports that the League of Women Voters will continue to monitor progress and will update the report within the next two years.
For more information, contact the League at (760) 736-1608.


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