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Lawyer-turned-artist set to headline solo exhibition

CARLSBAD — While working as an attorney in Los Angeles, Alan Marblestone decided that he would like to learn how to draw and paint. Nearly three decades of honing his skills later, his work will be displayed in his first ever solo exhibition as a featured artist in Carlsbad.
When not volunteering or offering his expertise as a pro bono lawyer, 79-year-old Marblestone spends hours in his home studio perfecting his photorealistic views of classic cars and buildings in Carlsbad Village.
“I’m into photorealism — I haven’t reached it completely but that’s the style I’m doing,” he said.
He began his career as a studio artist, painting traditional still lifes and recreating classic Rembrandts. Although his subject matter of choice has changed over the years, he continues to paint in the traditional Old Master’s style in which he was trained. He creates colorful representations of classic cars using 30 to 40 layers of paint and no visible brush strokes.
“When you look at a painting, you have to know what you’re looking at,” he said.
Throughout his artistic career, his work has been featured at the San Diego County Fair and displayed at the California State Bar’s Art Exhibits.
After years of donating pieces to museums and receiving numerous honorable mentions, the upcoming exhibition marks Marblestone’s first solo show as an artist.
His work will be featured at artist Liane Kim’s frame store, East West Art and Frame, in Carlsbad. Kim offered to host Marblestone as the featured artist at her new location when they were introduced by mutual friend Carol Noyes, who was “so impressed with the details of his work.” The two have developed a great relationship while putting the exhibit together.
Kim expertly matched frames to the subject of his paintings to create a one-of-a-kind viewing event for his first exhibition. To enhance the viewing experience, Kim encourages artists to provide a backstory to their pieces, something that Marblestone already came prepared with.
“I don’t have to tell him what to do. He already has a story. That’s the part I appreciate about working with him,” Kim said.
Marblestone and Kim have spent days working on the perfect display for his work. The showroom will feature examples of his focuses over the years, including still lifes, portraits and his iconic car paintings.
“It is good — people helping each other,” Kim said. “We connect like family.”
The reception will be held Nov. 1 at East West Art and Frame, 5674-D El Camino Real. Additional pictures of Marblestone’s work can be seen on the San Diego Visual Artists Guild’s Web site under the “M” heading in the Artists Gallery at

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great work at East West Art & Frame

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