Larry Marquardt

When Larry and Cathy Marquardt’s children were young, their home was always the place that “every kid knew they could go to,” according to Teresa Barth. Formerly a scoutmaster, and member of the Cardiff business-owner’s association and chamber of commerce, Larry Marquardt now spends hours constructing wooden treasure chests to hold the many books donated each year through the Greater Encinitas Kiwanis Literacy Program.

Fabulous showman that he is, Cardiff’s Captain Book would be the first to admit that the Encinitas Kiwani’s Literacy Program wouldn’t even get off the ground (or in this case, the high seas) without the loyal help of his fellow pirates.Larry Marquardt is one such shipmate. While Capt Book steers his wondrously decorated ex-ambulance from school to school handing out thousands of books to disadvantaged children, Larry quietly works away in the background, lovingly crafting his unique treasure chests.

He also spends endless hours constructing Adirondack chairs. And then when his beautiful works of art are finally done, donates them to organizations in need of desirable raffle prizes.

Sadly, Larry lost his dear wife Cathy in 2011, but he still remains the cheerful “go to guy” whenever the local library needs help with woodwork or book sales. And as proof of the high regard in which he is held within the community, was named Mayor for the Day last year at Cardiff’s Centennial celebrations.

In short Larry is, as Irene Kratzer so rightly observes, the kind of friend everyone needs to have. Researching and writing this book enabled me to make friends with some amazing people, and I count myself honored to number Larry amongst them.


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