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La Costa AYSO board members switch clubs

CARLSBAD — After years of frustration with area management, the majority of directors from the La Costa AYSO governing board recently departed the local soccer organization and joined Carlsbad Wave Futbol Club to form La Costa Wave.
“We are all volunteers with a love of youth soccer, and we grew tired of people outside of our community dictating what type of soccer experience your child would have,” Jason Haines, former La Costa AYSO regional commissioner, said. “We know our time and talents can be better served to our local youth as La Costa Wave.”
The La Costa youth soccer organization was formed in 1999. It is one of seven regions in Area R, which serves players in the vicinity of Carlsbad, San Marcos, Tierrasanta, Mira Mesa, Kearney Mesa, North Park and City Heights. Area R management, which is based in Mira Mesa and Kearny Mesa, controls the actions of North County’s three regions — La Costa, San Marcos and San Elijo.
Historically there has never been a shortage of players in the younger divisions, so nearly all those La Costa AYSO games are played on local fields.
But as the athletes become involved in middle and high school sports, fewer teams are fielded so games must played throughout the county.
Dan Halabuk, a 12-year volunteer with La Costa AYSO, said area management for those upper division teams has provided poor scheduling — late posting or errors in schedules — poor fields and poor communication.
“Regions have gotten different versions of the schedules or teams don’t show up,” Halabuk said. “We have raised these issues for years and offered to help solve them with no avail.
For the past two years, La Costa and San Marcos limited their upper division schedule to North County. The upshot was better field conditions and less travel so parents could attend more games, Halabuk said.
“The result was that area management banned (the) regions from participating in the upper division area and sector playoffs, punishing the kids,” he said.
Cruzanne Conrique, Area R director, said the under-16 and under-19 playoffs are seeded tournaments. “If you don’t participate in the gaming circuit you can’t participate in the playoffs,” she said.
Conrique also said the board has no control over scheduling and field conditions. “Scheduling is always an issue with the U-16s or U-19s,” she said. “At that age, the kids are driving or have jobs and other commitments so sometimes only four players show up for a game. At that level, communication is up to the coaches.”
Conrique said every team has an opportunity for home games but field selection is random, based on the number of teams. When scheduling where games are played “no consideration is given to where a team is based,” she said.
Despite the departure of most of its board members, La Costa AYSO is still intact. The organization, which served approximately 1,400 athletes in 2010, is currently signing up players for its 2011 season.
“Registration is going well, but families are definitely confused,” said Patricia Wallace,
La Costa AYSO regional commissioner. “We have not left and we’re not leaving.”
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