Emmy award winner and best-selling author Carson Kressley makes his first book tour stop at a Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund meeting. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
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Kressley inspires Rancho audience

RANCHO SANTA FE — While the Emmy-award-winning Carson Kressley dished out fashion advice during a special event hosted by the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund, he reminded women to embrace their silhouette, no matter their shape or size.

On Nov. 14, guests attending the membership meeting at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club first enjoyed libations and appetizers before Kressley took center stage.

New York Times bestselling author Kressley talked about fashion tidbits from his newest book, “Does This Book Make My Butt Look Big?” 

While the evening overflowed with humor, Kressley delivered poignant advice on how women can find their personal style.

And it starts with closet cleansing, he said.

“There are so many bad things in your closet,” Kressley said. “When you are getting ready in the morning, that is the most important experience, because it sets the tone for everything else you do.” 

Kressley went on to say that items in a closet that are not “positive” can trigger a terrible rest of the day. Examples that the fashion guru provided were pieces of clothing from five years ago with the price tags still attached or apparel intended to be worn after a weight loss.

“Just get rid of those things and only wear those things that fit and inspire you right now,” he said. 

Kressley gave kudos to those who have plans to lose weight. But in the meantime, he said, let go of the clothes that don’t fit.

“If you reach for them and try those things on, it’s going to be a buzz kill for your entire day,” he said. “Get rid of the things that do not work right now and only have your closet filled with things that work for you at this moment in time because it will create a successful morning when you get ready.”

Another piece of sage Kressley advice was regular fashion checkups for makeup, hair, and wardrobe. Dental checkups are twice a year, and the same holds true for fashion, he said.

For makeup, Kressley said the best resource is going to your favorite makeup counter and asking for beauty guidance. During a visit with a hairstylist, talk about updating the cut and color, he advised. And for wardrobe, invite a couple of friends over for feedback.

“Having a sounding board is really important,” he said.

Kressley then chatted about “How to Look Good Naked,” a show he hosted on Bravo.

“I always thought it was about a box of wine and a dimmer switch,” he joked. “But really, what I learned on that show was that women, especially, have so many weird preconceived notions about their body on what’s imperfect and what’s wrong.”

Kressley shared that women should swap out misconceived imperfections with what is attractive about themselves.

“When you are getting dressed there are things about you that are beautiful and sexy — forget about the flaws and focus on the positive. Accept yourself as you are because that is totally fine,” he said.

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