Baby Boomer Peace

Keep heritage alive

I have on my wall a Newsweek cover from Aug. 28, 1989. The banner reads: “The Party’s Over.” The picture is of Lech Walesa. Walesa eventually became president of Poland. He became the George Washington of his nation. He stood up against communism and yet he was a labor union leader.I keep that cover because I had ripped it off the magazine, put it in an envelope and addressed it to Walesa, Warsaw, Poland with no hope of it being received. I put a return envelope inside with my address but without postage.

I put three $2 bills inside to pay for the postage should someone ever be kind enough to have Mr. Joseph (Lech) Walesa sign it. To my amazement, two years later I was delivered a torn envelope with a big red stamp on it by our postage service with the words “Damaged during Mailing.” The envelope was torn, but in the postage corner were two stamps in Polish that said “Solidarnose” over two fingers spread apart symbolizing peace.

I carefully opened the envelope and there in faint pen was the signature JWalesa. I so wish I could have thanked Mr. Walesa. Someone actually took the time to have him autograph the cover and through a time of turmoil in his country, stick it in an envelope, put two stamps on it and mail it back.

I have since learned that Lech Walesa never signs autographs. He, to the best of my knowledge, is now a revered senior citizen of his country. He stood up against communism and took it down.

I’ve studied political systems. I have degrees in both political science and economics.

I know how innocently communism starts out.

It starts out suckering the “people” into taking all forms of benefits/freebies so that government becomes “daddy.” The health industry becomes a government run institution. It also becomes important to take out the middle class because it is the middle class that gets hit the hardest and thereby complains the loudest.

Mao Tse Tung called the middle class the Bourgeoisie.

I was in Hong Kong in 1967 when the communists blew up the Bank of America building one block from the hotel I was staying in.

There were also loose cans of red paint in the street where they had been thrown against the walls of banks and other institutions of freedom leaving huge red smears on the windows and walls along with Mao posters.

And then, to scare the living daylights out of everyone in order to draw their allegiance, the artists and educators were routinely found floating face down in the rivers which I witnessed in 1967.

It was called the Cultural Revolution.

I fear that our country is headed in the same direction.

This country will eventually run out of golden geese to pay the freight. When that happens, seniors won’t get retirement checks, those on food stamps won’t get those, the military will be ordered into following the ideologues/ruling elite in order to get paid. This will cause major unrest, which will cause the government to declare martial law and thereby suspend our Constitution, and our president will become dictator.

All guns (second amendment) will be rounded up and individuals will have no way to secure their persons. The government will routinely lie and the press will be willing accomplices.


I was drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War. I didn’t like it, but since I had lived in a fascist country for a period (Taiwan at the time was run by the dictator Chang Kai Shek and my dad was there working for the CIA fighting the war in Laos that no one in the U.S. knew about), I believed that fighting for our country was worth the risk and thereby chose not to run off to Canada as a conscientious objector.

I’ve since come to realize that I am a patriot because I have skin in the game. I gave two years of my life to this country.

Today, our uninformed voters have no skin in the game and are not taught the full truth in our socialized education system.

Kids in many schools around this country are taught that the United States is a bully when in truth our country has freed millions, maybe billions of people from the ultimate bullies.

We baby boomers have so much that we can pass down to our children and grandchildren about freedom.

That is how the Jewish people kept their heritage alive. That is how the American Indians kept their heritage alive.

Since we cannot count on getting the real truth in school books or mainstream media anymore, it is up to the parents who have lived it to teach their child and grandchild all about our true heritage of freedom and how we fought to keep it alive just like Lech Walesa and his peers did in Poland in the 1980s.

Baby boomers, do your part, teach your children and may freedom and peace be with us always!


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