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Junior executive member cap removed

RANCHO SANTA FE — On Jan. 5, during its monthly board meeting, the Rancho Santa Fe Association approved to expand the pool of its RSF Golf Club’s junior executive membership by removing its previous 30-member restriction. Under this decision, new members under the age of 48 can pay their $50,000 enrollment fee in installments.

RSF Golf Club board president Bill Danola presented the idea of this expansion at the RSF Association Board of Directors meeting.

“The current plan of operations limits the number of junior executives to 30,” he said. “We’re at 30 junior executive members now and so we have halted any entertainment of new membership.”

Danola asked the board to approve, even at least on an interim basis, to eliminate this member limit. According to Danola, the board of governance discussed the issue and they didn’t see the reason to have a limit.

“It’s a category of membership we’d like to see increase. Actually, to have younger members in the club just makes the club more accessible,” Danola said. “We’d like to encourage that, so we really do not see the need for the limit.”

Danola went on to explain how the junior executive membership is a program aimed at those under 48. Like a regular membership, a member must have property in the Covenant.

“If you’re under 48 years of age, you can pay your enrollment fee over time with the time span being from your current age to when you turn 48 with a maximum of 10 years,” he said.

Danola used the example that if a member was 40, they could choose to pay their enrollment fee over the course of 8 years; and, their annual dues still applied.

As far as RSF Association Director Allen Finkelson was concerned, he thought the junior executive membership was a fantastic category.

“If we had 100 of these people it would be great,” Finkelson said. He added, “That would cement our future.”

Finkelson then moved to remove any limit as to the number of people in the junior category and the board unanimously approved it. Members of the RSF Golf Club will receive their 60-day notice about this change in operations before it goes into effect.