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Jay Paris: What’s up with Doc as the Padres seek new manager?

The Doctor’s not in and what’s up with that?

Reports keep trickling out about the Padres’ search for a new manager.

Names are being bandied; speculation hints of the top candidates.

But there’s a person of interest the Padres should be interested in. For some reason, the obvious is being overlooked.

Dave Roberts, paging, Dave Roberts.

The Padres’ bench coach, according to sources, has yet to be interviewed.

Yep, we don’t get it either.

Roberts, of Cardiff, isn’t one to toot his horn. Others seeking managerial posts don’t follow that approach, and we hope Roberts’ candidacy isn’t diminished because of it.

And really, Roberts, 43, shouldn’t be required to have rumormongers on speed dial. His body of work speaks for itself, but we wonder if anyone at Petco Park is listening.

According to Padres insiders, there’s no appointment — as of yet — for Roberts to break bread with general manager A. J. Preller.

We can’t peek into Preller’s noggin’ and he’s not talking about his trek of looking under every rock. But Roberts, at the least, deserves to have his tires kicked for being a good soldier for the Padres.

It was Roberts who held interim manager Pat Murphy’s hand over the summer. Roberts was seldom an arm’s length from Murphy’s right hip and the career college and minor-league coach spoke of how critical Roberts’ input was.

Remember that Roberts almost got the gig when the Padres showed Bud Black the door in mid-June. Roberts got an audience with Preller in the aftermath of Black’s firing, and didn’t whine when Murphy was appointed.

Some, at the time, hinted that Roberts wasn’t hired so he wouldn’t have the stain of the disappointing Padres marring his background. That way, if the Padres turned to Roberts at a later date, his slate would be clean.

But it’s hard for Roberts — he’s been linked to the Seattle opening — to give his pitch if he can’t get in the door.

We’re not suggesting Roberts is a slam dunk to replace Murphy. But when Roberts’ baseball background is matched against others being mentioned — Alex Cora, Andy Green, Scott Servais, Rick Sofield — something doesn’t add up.

“It’s kind of an insult,’’ one MLB insider said.

Roberts can show his baseball tab, the one revealing he has paid his dues.

He played parts of 10 seasons in the majors with the Indians, Dodgers, Red Sox, Padres and Giants.

His stolen base for the Red Sox in the 2004 playoffs helped fuel their run to the title.

After serving in the Padres’ front office in 2010, he was promoted to the field staff. It started a five-year run where Roberts directed traffic at first base and then served as Black’s bench coach starting in 2014.

Roberts is the classic overachieving, energetic, motivational lightening rod that the ho-hum Padres could use.

Don’t fault this former 28th-round pick — selected lower than Johnny Manziel when the Padres did that publicity stunt — for being Black’s top lieutenant. Roberts is his own man and this son of a former Marine understood the change of command.

“Were there things Doc would have done different under Black? Of course,’’ one Padres observer said. “But he understood who was the boss.’’

But the Padres’ head honcho — Preller — hasn’t reached out to Roberts.

That’s strange and if we can help, we’re ready.

With Preller living in Encinitas and Roberts in Cardiff, it’s easy. The Coast News will reserve a spot at the midway point between the two, the Daley Double Saloon on Highway 101.

The first round is on us.

Regardless, before Preller’s last call on a skipper, he needs to squawk, “What’s up Doc?” to a candidate worthy of his consideration.

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