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Is it time for ‘The Grown Up Talk’ with your parents?

With another holiday season upon us, many families gather together for meals and celebration. Sometimes this may be the only time all year the entire family gets together in one place.

This can be a great time to sit down and catch up on how your parents are doing and how their needs have changed.

Sometimes when families get together once or twice a year, changes in mom or dad’s cognitive or physical abilities have intensified and become more noticeable.

Although it may be difficult to discuss these changes with your parents, the earlier you begin this conversation the less stressful things will be in the long run.

This is a necessary, but sometimes difficult conversation to have.

Red Flags:

Has their physical appearance changed?

Have they lost weight?

Does it seem like there is not much food in the house?

Is the house dirtier or in more disarray than normal?

Are they having trouble walking or getting around?

Are you finding over-due bills lying around?

Many times parents do not want to bother their children or be a burden. They also don’t want to feel pushed to move or get help. In some families, money and finances are never discussed.

It may be time to have “The Grown Up Talk” with your parents.

While it is a good idea to have family conversations throughout the years, as everyone gets older, having access to certain information becomes crucial in case of emergency.

Key Points:

Decide who should be a part of the discussion

Pick a relaxed time to have this conversation.

Now is the time for listening not telling.

Emphasize to your parents their answers will help the family.

Topics include: Finances, Lifestyle, Health and some really hard ones like what to do in case of crisis.

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