An in-home care agency like InTouch at Home can help provide a wide range of personalized services to each senior’s needs.
An in-home care agency like InTouch at Home can help provide a wide range of personalized services to each senior’s needs.
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InTouch at Home helps seniors strike a balance with independence, supportive care

For today’s seniors and their families, striking the balance between independence and supportive care can be challenging. 

Finding the right level of care varies from person to person, and can include a long list of variables.

Recognizing personal needs and understanding what in-home services are available can help seniors and their families navigate changes, maintain independence and increase their peace of mind.

According to Josh Allen, director of Solana Beach-based InTouch at Home, while the majority of seniors want to stay independent as long as possible, most will require assistance with day-to-day living at some point to ensure their health, well-being and safety.

Today, many adult children are assuming the role of caregiver to assist aging parents.

However, changes to seniors’ mental, emotional and physical conditions can be subtle.

So how can you determine when and how much care is needed — or when professional care may be more appropriate? Consider the following questions:

• Are you (or your parent) having difficulty managing daily activities such as dressing, bathing or cooking?

• Have there been recent accidents or near misses?

• Are medications or doctor’s appointments being missed or forgotten?

• Has driving become an issue?

• If you are a caregiver, are you feeling stressed or sleep deprived?

• As a caregiver, have you given up your time to enjoy exercise, hobbies or quality family time?

If the answer is yes to any of these, it may be time to discuss additional care options or changing to a more supportive environment.

An in-home care agency like InTouch at Home can help by providing a wide range of personalized services to meet each senior’s needs, including home-cooked meals, medication reminders, transportation to a doctor’s appointments, companionship day or night and more.

“When more help becomes necessary, professional home care services can be a lifeline to providing just what you need to regain independence and peace of mind,” said Allen.

About InTouch at Home

InTouch at Home is an SRG senior living company.

Serving the needs of seniors and their families for more than 25 years, Senior Resource Group (SRG) delivers on the promise of exceptional service and quality care each and every day through its 18 communities.

Now through InTouch at Home, this same outstanding care and service is available to you in your home, wherever it may be. For more information, call (858) 381-2921 or visit

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