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In the game of life, time heals what reason cannot

Sometimes there are those individuals who exist on this earth who make us feel better just knowing they are here with us. Julien Hug was one of those individuals. His fabulous charming looks and broad smile alone would have been enough, but what really set him apart was his good nature and kind heart. His spirit had this kind of glow to it, that just made you want to know more about him and make you want to call him “one of your own.”
His memorial service was a testament to that. Everyone who knew him felt like they were his friend because Julien had this way of making you feel special in his presence, which is a true gift. I just want to say that this is not my tribute. That will come in a few months when time can heal more of what my heart would like to say. But for those of us in Rancho Santa Fe who were lucky enough to know Julien, let us show our love and support by going to Mille Fleurs this holiday season. Let us reach out and keep Julien’s memory alive in Rancho Santa Fe. As Roman philosopher Seneca once stated, “Time heals what reason cannot.” This holiday season, let us remember a family that has been an integral part of Rancho Santa Fe’s community for more than 25 years by stopping in at Mille Fleurs Restaurant.
Around Town
On Nov. 8, I met Dr. Amanda Ward at Bloom Natural Health in Encinitas. I found out some amazing things are going on there to help the fight against breast cancer. Dr. Ward shared that she has received a grant for Keep a Breast Foundation to study breast health strategies for young women. Dr. Ward focuses a lot of her clinical practice at Bloom on detoxification, which acts as a foundation to prevention of breast cancer.
Dr. Ward also works with ShaneyJo Darden the Founder of Keep a Breast Foundation, which is located in Carlsbad. They started working together more than 3 years ago. “We are excited to have Keep a Breast be the first breast foundation to step up and address this critical issue with young women where it can really make a difference,” Dr. Ward said. For more information, visit Their clinic also helps assist in alternative methods to weight loss, which is key for this holiday season. 
On Nov. 13, Helen Woodward hosted their HOPE telethon in Rancho Santa Fe. Oscar winner Diane Keaton came to town to help raise money for Helen Woodward. Featured in a photo here is Diane accepting a check for $15,000 from HOPE Telethon by presenting sponsor, Henry’s Farmers Market. Telethon Co-host Dave Mason from 105.7-The Walrus, HWAC Board member Diane Keaton, Dave Beckstrand, Tom Critz from Henry’s, along with HWAC President Mike Arms are featured in this fabulous photo. Thank you Renee Resko for inviting me but unfortunately, due to other circumstances that week, I was unable to attend.
On Nov. 18, I received a wonderful invite from Michele Homan, one of the classiest women in Rancho Santa Fe. She invited me to the annual Fowler Jewelry party. I spotted real estate agent Sherry Shriver there and many other women shopping to their hearts’ content at the exclusive party in Lago Lindo. The champagne didn’t stop flowing and the catered wait staff kept offering the most delectable appetizers to all of the guests. They even had a fancy wrapping area set up in the checkout area with gift wrappers available to wrap your choice gifts from that evening. Thanks Michele for including me on this must attend party in Rancho Santa Fe.
On Nov. 20, Tom and Karian Forsyth held their annual Christmas party in the Crosby. My husband Robin and I are always thrilled to attend one of their parties because they are always so much fun. With catered food, servers, Veuve Clicquot being generously poured throughout the evening, it’s no wonder the party went on into the early hours in the morning. Tad Sisler, pianist from Mille Fleurs, was playing Lady Gaga, and Black Eyed Peas songs, which had the entire guest roster dancing in the kitchen. The rain did not dampen this fantastic evening in The Crosby. Thanks Karian and Tom! You are always the most exquisite hosts. I have included their photo here. Since my column is in black and white, you cannot tell how absolutely stunning they both looked in red that evening. Maggie Bobileff is also featured. I couldn’t resist this a photo of her featured here in this issue.
On Nov. 22, I stopped by Ellie’s Formal Wear in Encinitas to meet my very first client ever at her lovely store in Encinitas, right next to L.A. Fitness. Sheila Malek is celebrating 25 years in business, and it’s no wonder with her genteel nature and caring way with all of her clients. I watched her help out a few people, while I was waiting to talk to her in her store. Her business not only has three master tailors, but her kind and fun energy, which makes this business a must on your tailoring list for the holidays. Sheila also has a wonderful selection of fun costume jewelry, which make perfect gifts for your friends, or can accent your favorite cocktail dress for that special event this season. Sales and rental tuxedos are available, too. For more information, check out, or for more details. Sheila also informed me that she has almost completed her doctrine in natural health this year. Thanks Sheila for being a sweetheart to me always. Call (760) 944-0539 for store hours this season.