In loving memory of Rusanne “Roxie” Ortiz

Rusanne “Roxie” Ortiz
Rusanne “Roxie” Ortiz

Rusanne “Roxie” Ortiz from Oceanside, California was born on 10/31/1952, and sadly passed away peacefully in her sleep on May 14, 2015.   She was well-known, respected and loved by many in both her professional and personal life.  Her professional career spanned over 40 years both as an advertising executive and sales manager in San Diego and Los Angeles Counties working for The Blade Tribune, San Diego Magazine, Sun Newspapers, The Coast News and was very active in several of the local Chambers of Commerce.
Originally from Wisconsin she adored her football team the Packers and proudly wore that bright green jersey. Rusanne knew many people from all walks of life enjoying both the outdoors and the nightlife dancing and listening to her favorite local bands.
Her favorite activity was the intense love affair of our beautiful seashore. It was common to see her riding her bike or walking her dog along the Oceanside beach and pier. Her collection of sea glass and shells were a tribute to her love of the sea and these treasures went to her friends and family who will miss her dearly. But they know she is home with her spirit joining the loved ones she lost way too early. Her beloved first daughter Shelbie passed away in 1992 in a tragic automobile accident and then her husband Randy followed not long after a battle with illness. A seaside memorial was held with only close friends and family several weeks ago and her ashes returned home with her family.
She is survived by 2 sisters, and her brother, as well as her grown youngest daughter, and the many friends she met along her journey. We will all miss her easy laughter, keen perception and thoughtful heart. We can only hope she is running along some beach in Heaven, laughing and finding better treasures there.