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Improvements to parking lot get the OK

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Association voted to approve $21,886 to help the golf club with its $43,772 project to repair, seal coat and re-stripe its parking lot, but there was one condition: The golf club was asked to reduce its bank loan for the 2007 clubhouse renovation by a corresponding amount from its free reserves.
The decision was reached at its Sept. 15 meeting, after a small debate by board members, some of whom want the golf club to hold its own and be more aggressive about paying down its loan since property values and assessments are down within the Covenant.
Director Larry Spitcausfky said it seemed that using reserve funds for the project is spending money the Association does not have.
“We are digging a deeper hole,” he said.
The cost of the project was not an issue with others on the board.
“We don’t have a cash problem,” said Director Jack Queen. “We have plenty of cash.”
“It’s the neighborly thing to do,” said Director Dick Doughty.
Golf and tennis club members use the parking lot. It is also used by members of the Association who use the restaurant, banquet facilities and meeting rooms at the club. Research shows that about 37 percent of the business in the dining room comes from non-golf club members.
“We have community and regular meetings and there is no charge to us,” said Pete Smith, Association manager.
The last major work was done in 2007 as part of the clubhouse renovation project. Most of the damaged areas are from water erosion or by invading roots for the large trees growing adjacent to the parking lot. As part of this project, the damaging roots will be removed. Because of the deterioration by nature and wear and tear, areas of the golf club parking lot needs repair and the rest of the lot needs seal coating and re-striping.
To prolong the life of the asphalt, experts recommend that it be seal coated every two to four years, a report to the board said.
Over the years the parking facilities of the golf club have been repaired, seal coated and striped as necessary.
Five bids were obtained for the work. George W. Weir Asphalt Construction presented the best proposal in the amount of $43,772. This would include repairing, seal coating and re-striping the tennis club as well. The approved golf club capital budget has $40,517 allocated for the project, which did not include the tennis club portion. There is $47,048 in the golf club reserve fund for this project.
“It is important that the golf club’s driveways and parking lots are well-maintained as they give our members and their guests a first and last impression of two of the most important assets of the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant,” the report said.