Letters Opinion

Ice Cube, but no gun shows?

The Del Mar Fairgrounds board of directors permitted a rap concert by an artist with a history of glorifying violence, drug dealing, gang culture and degrading women.

Guess what happened?

Sure enough, violence breaks out with a gun. Yet, the board is entertaining the idea, based on so-called moral grounds, of discontinuing the gun shows attended by thousands of law-abiding San Diegan families who learn gun safety.

The board wants to close down family-oriented events, but then they allow Ice Cube concerts.

Their hypocrisy is obvious: The fairgrounds board has lost all moral authority.

We call on the board to realign their priorities with the rule of law and support events that promote safe, legal, responsible activities for families to enjoy, such as the annual county fair and Crossroads of the West gun shows. 

Michael A. Schwartz

Executive director, 

San Diego County Gun Owners PAC