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Human nature, the mind are funny things

The human mind and nature are funny. When I shoot a great round of golf and someone asks me how I shot, the first thing out of my mouth is, “I would have broken 80 if I wouldn’t have double bogeyed the fifth hole” instead of saying, “I shot an 81 and had a great round.” Why do we subconsciously tip toward the negative?I bring that up because in my last column I forayed into areas that created a little buzz. I received e-mails and phone calls with thumbs up and a common theme of, “You nailed it Joe.” But I received one e-mail from someone who basically challenged my character and that is the one that sticks in my craw. I wrote back to the gentleman with a courteous response telling him where he was misguided, at least in my view.

For any of you who are reading this column for the first time, I am on a journey. As a baby boomer I have fought the wars to get to early retirement. Negativity is the last thing that should cross my mind but it seems to be around us everywhere we turn.

In the 2000s, starting about one year after 9/11, everyone picked their fears up out of their minds and decided to just live again without fear and our nation was joined and united to fight the “enemy.” The economy began to just hum along and people for the most part were positive and prospering.

Unfortunately that all came crashing down in 2008 just before the election. We, the people of this country, have been in a malaise of hopelessness and anger going on four years now. Being in real estate, I’ve been feeling this since 2006. I yearn for that good feeling again.

I am so tempted to run off again to my “little grass shack” in Mexico. Actually it’s a condo, but it feels like that little grass shack. I feel such peace down there. That might be because the only news I can get on television is CNN International and they barely touch on what is going on in the United States unless there is a big story like what just happened in the Supreme Court.

I wrote a Letter to the Editor here, which wasn’t printed, but I touched upon the brilliance of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts’ decision to keep Obamacare in place. Of course there really isn’t any way to pay for it, but the president was successful in having his signature policy upheld.

Of course the conservatives were bummed but the liberals are ecstatic for some goofy reason. Simple economics 101 tells you that care will have to be rationed when doctors stop going to medical school when it becomes clear their incomes will be dictated to by the government, but that’s another story for another time.

We just celebrated the Fourth of July and that was fun. We come together once a year to celebrate the greatness of our country, which it truly is. Capitalism is the driving force for positiveness. Capitalism allows every single American the opportunity to wake up in the morning and choose to work for someone or to take a risk and be a success or failure working for him or herself.

We have those freedoms but I wonder how long our system will last on the path we’re going. We just have to look at the countries that have Socialistic governments — please don’t bring up Sweden. Their society is a homogenous mix of Swedens. We, the United States, are a mixture of the whole world with our borders under constant attack by those that don’t want to wait in line to come legally. Sweden and the U.S., apples and oranges.

Oh well, I am just one person and I can’t do a whole lot, but collectively we have an election coming up. I’m longing for the purple states again like we had in 2002. I am so sick of the back biting and negativity. Again, it is peace that we seek.

The next time something negative happens and you feel that gush of blood rushing to your brain, stop for a second and find the antithesis to it. Life is yin and yang. Life is balance, so always try to find the silver lining. Peace! Enjoy the summer.


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Patty July 26, 2012 at 9:40 am

Nice article Joe. You are so right in finding the balance.

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