How perfectly wrong I was

So how was my son’s wedding weekend in Philadelphia? Why, thanks for asking.  It was perfect. I feared all the predictable disasters. I was gloriously wrong.

Truth be told, it would have taken a tornado hitting the church or maybe a swarm of locusts to make even a small dent in the wonderfulness of the entire weekend.
Small miracles happened all along the way. Everyone got there and home safely, and there were about 30 of us flying in for the nuptials. The couple is even home safely from an exotic honeymoon in Guatemala, which ended with a three-hour drive from Newark to Boston.  (Of course I worried. It’s my job.)
Remember, Philly is just creeping out from a heinous winter, It drizzled the day before and the day after the wedding, but on Wedding Day, the clouds departed and we had blue skies and 75 degrees. The 100-year-old, stone church was exquisite. There were no wardrobe malfunctions, and makeup, hair and half-Windsor knots for the 12 in the bridal party were, yes, perfect. The bride’s dress was, in fact, gorgeous and quite perfect on her. Bridesmaid dresses actually did flatter each bridesmaid in color and fit. The young men were dashing in handsome, dark suits. And I, the ridiculously nervous mother-of-the-groom, in the much-discussed dress and self-styled hair, managed to garner a delightful number of compliments.  Like I said. Perfect.
Yes, I cried and my nose ran, but nobody seemed to care. The entire gathering was a combination of people who loved my children, loved each other and loved (or at least liked) me. It was a giant bubble of love for three days — the kind you can’t buy or force.
I can add, with great relief, the bride’s large family was gracious and lovely, so no in-law issues. My family behaved well, even me. My gift to my son was that I did not give a toast at the reception, which greatly lowered the risk of embarrassing moments. Those toasts given by best man and maid-of-honor were — say it with me — perfect.
I know you are thinking this is the adoring mother’s opinion, and can’t really be taken too seriously, but I have had quite a bit of feedback from not-so-biased individuals after madly sharing photos. The reaction is unanimous. It was beautiful, special and fabulous. It will take the top spot on my list of happiest memories.
Life is good.
Jean Gillette is a freelance writer and happy mom, looking for another excuse to wear her perfect dress. Contact her at


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