Horn keeps supervisor seat

Horn keeps supervisor seat
The latest vote count shows County Supervisor Bill Horn will keep his district No. 5 seat. The lead teetered between Horn and opponent Jim Wood as votes were tallied. Photo by Promise Yee

REGION — In a close race for the County Board of Supervisors District No. 5 seat incumbent Bill Horn succeeded in earning the most votes.

Results still need to be verified in the race that teetered back and forth between candidate leads, but at last count Wednesday morning Horn received 51.22 percent of the votes. His opponent Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood earned 48.78 percent of the votes, allowing Horn to squeak by with a 1,378-vote lead.

Wood said he was thankful to supporters, and a bit tired after the race that covered the district’s 1,800 square miles that include Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos and Fallbrook.

He added he was optimistic that he might win.

“Win or loose I enjoyed it,” Wood said. “There were no surprises on issues.”

The two candidates are markedly different in their leadership approach.

Wood credits himself on his the ability to listen to residents, and get along with fellow politicians of all parties. He said he has worked with county supervisors on regional issues, and was ready to hit the ground running if he was elected as supervisor.

Horn was not available for an interview, but previously stated that he considers himself a straight shooter.

“I know where I stand,” Horn said. “My mind can be changed if I have all the facts.”

“I’m a very frank person and get right to the point,” he said. “You need to deal with the facts. Jim beats around the bush.”

Another difference between them is their outlook on future planning and growth.

Horn voted against the county general plan that promotes smart growth.

Wood said he supports the plan.

Wood added future decisions on countywide planning and building will be critical. He said he hopes each project will be looked at on a case-by-case basis, with consideration for quality of life.

Horn (previously) said he voted against the general plan because it infringed on the property rights of farmers.

“It basically confiscated property from property owners who had it for years,” Horn said. “I fought for agriculture for 19 years. I want to keep it a viable industry. That moniker I’ll take for sure.”

Horn has served as county supervisor for 20 years. This win will be his last allowable term.

County Supervisor Ron Roberts ran unopposed and won re-election for the District No. 4 seat, which includes central San Diego.


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