Horizon Prep students perform for Christmas

RANCHO SANTA FE — Horizon Prep School held two performances of “The ‘S’ Files,” their Christmas Music Pageant, on Dec. 4. Under the musical supervision of Camille Hastings, 40 students sang and danced and recited lines that tested their memory skills. As much as their fellow students enjoyed the performances, parents and grandparents enjoyed it even more.
“We started working on this in September,” said Hastings, who has put together 15 similar productions for the school since 2002. “It’s an after school program and leads are selected through the audition process.” Three students with leading roles also happened to share the same name, Madison. “But having the name Maddy isn’t a requirement for getting a lead,” teased Hastings.
Participating in a show is always great fun, but Hastings feels it presents other opportunities, too. “I believe this is a great way for kids to learn presence and confidence for speaking in front of others your entire life.”
On Dec. 9, veteran Disney animator Davy Liu made a special appearance at the Chapel and offered to sign his books. Horizon Prep librarian Kelly Hendrickson said, “We were so excited that Davy was able to schedule this Chapel event.”
Next week begins Horizon’s Living Nativity, which includes scenes and dramatic re-enactments of the life of Jesus Christ and those who were with him during his life, death, and resurrection. The nightly tours begin Dec. 17 and Dec. 18 from 6 to 9 p.m. and the following week on Dec. 19 and Dec. 20 from 5 to 9 p.m.
For more information about the Living Nativity, visit www.horizon.org.


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