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Homeowners finance city replacement of streetlights

OCEANSIDE — Over the next two months, the city of Oceanside will be removing rust-damaged street light poles in the Rancho Del Oro neighborhood located on and adjacent to College Boulevard between State Highway 76 and Oceanside Boulevard. To date, the city has surveyed approximately 30 percent of the area and found 40 street light poles to be structurally unsound. The city has already removed 25 of the 40, with the total number of removals yet to be determined.
The street poles in question are the responsibility of the Rancho Del Oro Homeowners Association; however, due to concerns over the structural integrity of the poles, the city is removing the poles to avoid a potential safety hazard. The poles were installed during the original development of the area in the early 1980s. Many of the poles have rusted which could make them unstable during high winds.
The RDO HOA, through its Street Maintenance Agreement with the city, is responsible for the full cost to replace the streetlights. The city is in discussions with Prescott Companies, the property management company for the HOA to remedy the situation.

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