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Holograph technology inspires students and teachers

ENCINITAS — Students from the Grauer School were invited on a state-of-the-art tour of facilities of AV Concepts holographic facilities. Teacher Morgan Brown took his physics class to an AV Concepts workshop to experience the latest technological advances in audio/visual applications. The company specializes in Musion Eyeliner, a high-definition video holographic projection system allowing freeform 3D hologram effects to be projected within a live stage setting using Peppers Ghost illusion.
Eyeliner produces images of extraordinarily high resolution and intense quality that make subjects appear very real. The technique was used recently when Gorillaz and Madonna performed the opening number at the 2010 Grammy Awards and is also utilized regularly by Disney Studios.
“My goal was to give the students a chance to see a hands-on and real-world application for the science and technology they learn about in school and that the sciences can lead to exciting career paths that really affect people’s daily lives in ways we often don’t think about,” Brown said.
According to Nick Smith, co-owner and founder of AV Concepts, “The fun part of my job is bringing students into the holographic environment and watching them find creative ways to adopt the technology into their curriculum. We’ve found that students have higher learning retention when they see historical characters reenact landmark discoveries and accomplishments on stage. We call this ‘telepresence,’ taking a high definition image of a person and recreating it in a real-life situation.”