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Hollywood comes to Rancho Santa Fe and a memory that remains

Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Del Mar hosted a DAOU wine dinner recently that brought, from left to right, DAOU Sales Manager Dan Brunner and Social Media Manager Katherine Daou, joining with Yadira Navarro, sales and catering manager and Mark Parisini, beverage manager from Ruth’s Chris. Photo by Rico CassoniThe 16th annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival is Nov. 10 to Nov. 17. Courtesy photoThe Lick the Plate team from left, audio engineer Brooks Venters, columnist/host David Boylan and producer Quinn Boylan.  Photo by Ian Meyers PhotographyStephanie Eppig, one of the four founders of Eppig Brewing, celebrates the opening of their new Vista brewery. The brewery is named for her family, which ran a major brewery in Brooklyn from the mid-19th century to the start of Prohibiition. Photo by Bill Vanderburgh.At Eppig Brewing in Vista, two of the four founders, Clayton LeBlanc and Todd Warshaw, catch their breath after the hard work of opening the new location.  Photo by Bill Vanderburgh

Do you believe in signs? I do. I think that life is designed to guide us if we at least pay attention along the way to the details surrounding us. Today was one of those hum-drum days that had me milling around my house in flannel pajamas while sweeping the kitchen.I wore my little furry slippers with a long black V-neck sweater as the autumn leaves swirled around outside my sink window. I also remembered to turn on the television to watch the Hope Telethon at Helen Woodward in Rancho Santa Fe because Katie, my mother-in-law would be donating her time to the telethon. Robin and I were so proud to see his mom looking so elegant and gorgeous on television.Then I snapped photos of Diane Keaton sitting next to Mike Arms, the president of Helen Woodward. For a few moments the day felt like Hollywood had arrived in Rancho Santa Fe and Katie was center stage. Life can be so much fun when you let yourself become swept away by fun moments like that.

After the show was over, I left to do a little shopping at my favorite consignment shop in Solana Beach. You know when you are looking for something when you shop but you don’t know what you really want? I was having a day like that … until I found a black sweater with white polka dots in black trim. Now this was just my style. I looked at the tag and noticed that it was actually one of my great friends that designs clothes! I felt touched by seeing her name because I haven’t seen her since my birthday earlier this year.

But then I remembered the date and knew it was a hint to remember an important memory.

I did.

Life moves on and memories can fade. However once in a while a little sign will remind us it’s OK to look back over our shoulder and recognize what has once been will never leave us either. I didn’t buy the sweater, but I will go back tomorrow to as a reminder of a golden era when four friends all shared laughter and hugs. I will remember those cherished times always.

Around Town

On Oct. 20, Fresh Start’s Butterfly Ball was held at 6:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla. If you are looking for an amazing nonprofit organization to become involved with or to donate to, Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is one to definitely consider. This organization offers reconstructive surgery (at no cost to the patient) to children with deformities who could never afford the surgery otherwise without Fresh Start’s help.

So they are actually making dreams come true and changing their lives! How wonderful. The Butterfly Ball raised more than $200,000 that will help transform more children’s lives. I have included some gorgeous photos from that event in La Jolla. For more information on Fresh Start, visit

On Nov. 5, I ran a few errands in Rancho Santa Fe with my husband. We walked around town and enjoyed the amazingly fine weather. One of our little stops included Union Bank where I made the an exciting discovery. Right inside the bank just off to the left was the most exquisite piece of art framed in beautiful gold framing. I stood there admiring it for awhile then asked the teller if this was one of the local Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild members. “Yes it is! Isn’t it beautiful?” she said agreeing.

I was thrilled when they said I could takes some photos and share with the readers in the paper where they, too, can find art for themselves or their loved ones this holiday season. Debra Giese is the artist of this painting, titled “Flowers,” which sells for $800. If you would like to buy this painting, you can call the art guild for more information. Please do support the arts and buy art this holiday season here locally in Rancho Santa Fe. Visit for more information.

On Nov. 8, I received an amazing announcement regarding “Once in a lifetime, the most exclusive property becomes available … .” I received word from The Guiltinan Group this week that the property on Border Avenue in Del Mar is on the market at the asking price $33.9 million. Call in Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and how about Mitt Romney? Maybe he will trade his La Jolla view for this prestigious view in Del Mar instead.

Brian D. Guiltinan is the chief executive officer of Guiltinan Group, which was established in Rancho Santa Fe by Brian in 2003. If you would like to contact Brian regarding this property or need more information, please visit

On Nov. 10, Hollywood came to Rancho Santa Fe to help save animals lives! Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton (she is on the board at Helen Woodward) donated her time and efforts to encourage others to adopt cats and dogs that need homes. Wearing a really cool looking Annie Hall hat, Diane looked absolutely stunning at the HOPE Telethon on KUSI. My mother-in-law Katie Shull was there, too, looking absolutely gorgeous.

The show featured successful adoption stories of recent owners who just were glowing with love and pride for their new family member. According to the Humane Society, 3 to 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year in the U.S. Please help save an animal’s life today and adopt a pet! For more information on Helen Woodward, please visit

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