Eye on the Coast

Holiday palaver sparks political speculation

Roberts retiring?
Palaver of Sheriff Bill Kolender retiring before his term ends was upstaged recently during a holiday activity when an attendee was overheard saying that County Supe Ron Roberts would step down and she was in line for the job. According to published reports, Roberts has denied any such goings on and hasn’t decided whether to seek another term in 2010. Maybe another office? During World War II they usta say “loose lips sink ships.”
Voting not a record
In spite of all the hoopla about new voters, particularly young ones, the November election drew more than 60 percent of eligible voters but it was not a record according to registrars and the U.S. Census Bureau. In San Diego County, more Democrats voted but Republicans did not so it was kind of a standoff. In the county, 65.l percent of eligible voters cast ballots compared to 67.7 percent in 2004 when it was an off year.
Tattoo removal
With tattoo parlors springing up all over the place, including shopping centers, a thriving new bizness is in the offing. It will be to get art forms erased from the skin when the fad dies out. Scott Gold, L.A. Times staffer, wrote a piece about 53-year-old Bryna Kane whose family survived Auschwitz. She learned how to remove tattoos that were engraved on Holocaust victims for identification. Now she is applying the technique to others like gang members who no longer think it’s cool to be so marked. She operates Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach.
Light Up results due
With Christmas lights going dim and displays being stored, Leucadia 101 Main Street Association is preparing to announce winners of its fourth annual Light Up Leucadia competition. To the victors go awards of $150, $125 and $100.
Effect of SB 32
Word is SB 32, now law, may affect the Hall property in Cardiff-by-the-Sea being developed as a sports park. SB 32 is a sweeping plan to reduce green house emissions and will have a tremendous impact on future land planning decisions according to published reports.
Olivenhain momentos
Olivenhain Town Council is peddling a local history book that was a sellout in its first printing and is available again thanx to the generosity of Kristina and Reid Tracy. Proceeds go toward the renovation of the historic Germanis Hotel. Also available is a cookbook containing 500 recipes submitted by Olivenhainers. Info on these and other momentos is available by clicking on www.olivenhain.org.
Torrey Pines Bridge retrofit
Moving right along, Seaside City electeds recently OK’d the final Mitigated Negative Declaration for retrofitting the North Torrey Pines Bridge. It will retain its original historic appearance; however, improvements are to ensure it will withstand such occurrences as earthquakes in the next half century.
O’side Art Walk
The first of 18 utility boxes on the north end of O’side’s Harbor Drive have been painted by local artists as an ongoing art project. Scenes depict historic events and the harbor. Tourists as well as residents will enjoy the scenic walk when the project is completed.
Simple majority vote
Frustrated by the difficulty to secure a two thirds vote to pass the annual state budget, some Sacto electeds now are pushing the idea of changing the constitution to allow for a simple majority to pass highly contested issues. Good idea? It will require a vote of the people.
Smoking prohibition
Students that appeared before Escondido council electeds to request a smoking prohibition in city parks received a warm reception and it was suggested they work with the city’s Community Services Commission to develop appropriate legislation. Lemon Grove, Santee, Vista and Escondido are the only cities without smoking restrictions.
Encina plant
NRG West that is proposing to build a 540-megawatt electric plant adjacent to the Encina facility has received an OK from California Energy Commission that has jurisdiction over such matters. However, the green light was issued with several conditions including one that requests information on how the NRG West project will affect fish and other marine life in Agua Hedionda Lagoon. C’bad hizzoner Bud Lewis is opposed to the location and has offered alternate sites inland but NRG West has indicated it is not interested.
Budget mess
Most recent announced state budget deficit is $41.8 billion by 2010 with absolutely no assurance state electeds are adding correctly. Less bickering that sounds like a classroom full of children and more positive action will solve this critical situation before bankruptcy is the only solution.
Harbor City council elected Ben Hueso who also sits on the state Coastal Commission has been elected council president with strong union support … In these hard economic times, some women are reported to be selling their reproductive eggs for as much as 25 grand and more for special characteristics … Surfside city employees are working a 9-80 schedule one week and 36 hours the next week and off every other Friday … Flower Capital electeds have voted to shell out at least 25 grand for a lobbyist to appear before the Coastal Commission to defend the city against a suit filed by Citizens For Quality of Life regarding the Hall property sports park … C’bads’ The Crossings golf course will need $1.6 mil. for operations next year and in 2010 which is twice as much as was originally projected.

— Hasta la Vista and Happy New Year