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Hill discusses safety behind the wheel

RANCHO SANTA FE — A lecture at the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center raised awareness about age and safety driving tips. At a recent visit in the Ranch, Director of Preventative Medicine Residency at UCSD, Linda Hill, M.D., shared her expertise about an array of topics on how driving abilities can change with age.

Hill discussed bullet points such as medical conditions (physical and cognitive) and medications which may have an effect on driving safety, how one can extend and retain their driving privilege the safe way, and when to know it’s time to “retire” the keys. Another component was how to find convenient and comfortable alternative modes of transportation when a person does stop driving.

Following her presentation, Hill answered a variety of questions from guests in attendance.

During the course of her lecture, Hill pointed out an online survey focusing on older drivers that is being championed by the University of California, San Diego. Hill is overseeing the study and it is under her direction for the TREDS (Training, Research, and Education for Driving Safety) program at the university.

According to the study, participants are required to be at least 65, drive once a week or more, use a cell phone, and are US residents. The survey lasts about 15 minutes and the research is aimed at garnering better information regarding driving habits.

To take part in the online survey, visit

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