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High school juniors get interview training

CARLSBAD — Being interviewed by a potential employer can be stressful even for adults who have been through the process many times. The interview can seem especially daunting to teenagers, most of whom have not yet entered the workforce.
On April 19 and April 20, Carlsbad High School juniors in the Internship Academy Program practiced their job-getting skills in simulated settings in preparation for interviewing for internship programs in their field of choice. Dressed for success and armed with a resume and cover letter, each student participated in a structured 10-minute interview with a volunteer professional, including district board members and local executives, followed by a wrap-up session with Academy coordinator-teachers.
“They demonstrated a very good sense of the process,” Valin Brown, executive director of the Carlsbad Educational Foundation, said. “All did well. A few did exceptionally well.”
“I was quite pleased with the students’ presentations and conversations,” Jolie Lucas, a planner with RSP Architects, said. “To some, I gave gentle tips on body language and other aspects. I was so impressed with one young woman that I told her I could envision working with her.”
“I’ve never a ‘real job’ other than babysitting, but I now feel prepared to succeed in an interview for the internship I hope to get in film production,” student Remy Smith said in her post-interview wrap-up with Linda Scott. “This process has helped me a lot.” That’s what Academy Coordinators Jeff Brandmeyer, Paige DeCino and Linda Scott like to hear.