Hernandez drops out of SM council race

SAN MARCOS — A challenger has dropped out of the San Marcos City Council race, narrowing the field to three.

Ruben “RJ” Hernandez, who was one of two newcomers — Matthew Stack is the other — challenging incumbents Rebecca Jones and Sharon Jenkins, recently announced he was withdrawing from the race due to financial issues.

Hernandez, 35, was a self-described “independent, pro-business, anti-fire and pro-opportunity” candidate.

“Meaning, I’m here to bolster business growth (jobs), protect our community from fire and work with and within the community to give those looking to step up and advance, the chance to do so,” Hernandez said on his page.

According to a statement he emailed to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Hernandez said the campaign caused “business and financial setbacks that have made it untenable for me to continue.”

The Coast News emailed and repeatedly called a number associated with Hernandez’s campaign but did not receive any response. His campaign’s website and Facebook page had been taken down as well.

Hernandez’s name will still appear on the Nov. 8 ballot, as he dropped out long after the Aug. 12 deadline to withdraw from the ballot. This means that even though he is no longer actively campaigning, voters could still vote for him.

As it stands, Jones, Jenkins and Stack are left as the lone candidates actively campaigning for the two seats on the council.

Stack, 35, is a partner at a commercial financing firm who is active in his church in Carlsbad.

This is the final election in San Marcos before the city transitions from its current at-large election system to district elections in 2018, when Kristal Jabara and Chris Orlando’s seats are                up for election.


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