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Harry Potter magic enhanced by new D-Box motion seats

OCEANSIDE — The UltraStar Mission Marketplace 13 theater is giving Harry Potter fans an extra thrill by offering the D-Box motion seat experience for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1,” which premiered Nov. 19.
D-Box motion seats keep you keenly engaged in the Harry Potter movie by climbing, turning and vibrating in sync with onscreen action. The key to the D-Box success is the seamless relationship of seat movement to onscreen sights and sounds.
The bucket seats surround your body and leave your feet just off the ground. As you see vaporous spirits twist across the screen or hear magic wand bolts spark and crash around Harry and his friends, you rise, twist, and jolt in sync with onscreen action. “It’s an added thrill for a couple of extra dollars,” Angelique Donnay, the theater manager, said.
If the ride proves too much, an intensity controller on the armrest allows you to adjust your experience. “You can lower the level if the intensity is too much or turn it off if you need to,” Donnay said. “The majority of people like it.”
The fantasy-based, action-packed Harry Potter movie is a perfect fit for the motion seat experience.
UltraStar Mission Marketplace 13 theater offers 26 reserved D-Box seats. Other D-Box movies that have played are “The Expendables” and “Inception.” The next D-
Box movie will be “Tron Legacy,” which comes out in December.
Moviegoers also have the option to view the same movies in standard seats.