Harass your teenagers with a shower timer to save water

COAST CITIES — Southern California Water Authorities are offering free shower timers to help fight the drought. Using the “shorter shower” timer saves the
environment, conserves water and reduces utility bills one shower
at a time.
The “Shorter Shower” is designed to be installed in showers by attaching the device to the wall of the shower with its built-in suction cup. The hour glass sand timer is made of tough ABS plastic and is shatter proof. The “Shorter Shower” is a visible, constant reminder which promotes resource conservation in the home.
“On average, the American shower lasts about eight minutes and uses roughly 44 gallons of water. That amount of water alone is enough to wash five cars in a commercial car wash. By taking a quick five-minute shower, you’d help save about 27.5 gallons of
water per shower,” said Tracy LeRoux, spokesperson for
More water conservation facts:
— Drought alerts are at an all time high and water authorities across the West Coast are mandating consumers to conserve water.
— The low rainfall and reduced runoff has caused water levels in key statewide reservoirs to drop to critically low levels.
— Officials say that if poor precipitation patterns continue, California could be headed for the most severe drought it’s ever faced.
— About 20 percent of all home indoor water use comes from showers.
— A five-minute shower uses approximately 20 to 40 gallons of water.
— Even a one or two minute reduction can save up to 700 gallons per month.
— Lengthy showers not only add to wasting water, but they also increase utility bills.
For communities not offering a free Shorter Shower, it sells for $8 and is available online or at Home Depot.

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