Guild Member Sculpture Chosen

5 rays front, 12/31/69, 4:34 PM, 8C, 4854×7441 (146+397), 75%, Q 14 repo40 26, 1/12 s, R45.2, G23.0, B48.3

Judy Salinsky, San Dieguito Art Guild member and Encinitas resident, has had a sculpture “The Fever,” accepted into the National Sculpture Society Exhibition in New York City. National Sculpture Society promotes excellence in sculpture that is inspired by the natural world. This is the first time in 120 years that the organization has recognized a California artist. Only 19 artists were accepted into this exhibit and the show runs through Oct. 19. Salinsky will be flying to New York in October. “The Fever” is the term used, like a school of fish or a pod of dolphins, a fever of rays.

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