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Group members replaced, deputy mayor appointed

OCEANSIDE — The ousting of city advisory group members, replacement appointments and the reappointment of Councilwoman Esther Sanchez as deputy mayor sparked heated council discussion before the motion passed in a 3-2 vote on Nov. 10, in which Councilmen Jerry Kern and Jack Feller voted no.
Feller objected to Sanchez being appointed to deputy mayor for a fourth term.
Kern asked that the appointment of deputy mayor wait until newly elected Councilman Gary Felien take his seat Dec. 2. “I don’t think it benefits anyone to have
this as (Councilman Chuck Lowery’s) his last vote,” Kern said.
Lowery countered Kern’s comment by noting that his vote to support the appointment of Sanchez as deputy mayor is minor in comparison to former Councilman Rocky Chavez’s last council vote that OK’d the city charter.
Feller further objected to the replacement of Integrated Waste Commission member Shelby Jacobs with new appointment Nadine Scott. “This is manipulation,” Feller said. “The way in which we are carrying out these appointments is very vindictive.”
Lowery said the Economic Development Commission and Integrated Waste Commission have not had any new members for a long time. “Appointments wouldn’t have happened once the council has changed,” Lowery said.
Council decisions that are on hold are harbor slip rental fee increases and water and wastewater rate increases. The delay in bringing these items to council is due in part to collecting citizen input from community workshops.
A council meeting may be held Dec. 1, with Lowery still on the council, if items need to be brought forward before the next scheduled council meeting Dec. 8.