Group collects 5,000 signatures in attempt to overturn San Marcos housing vote

SAN MARCOS — Proponents of a signature drive aimed at overturning San Marcos’ approval of a 220-home development appeared to have reached the threshold to force the city to revisit its decision.

The group Friends of Discovery submitted the petition, which included around 5,000 signatures, to the city on Feb. 22. This is more than the 4,000 or so signatures needed to force the city to the next steps in the process.

The city and the Registrar of Voters must validate the contents of the petition and the signatures before the San Marcos City Council will decide whether to accept the petition and reverse the vote or put the petition to voters during an election.

“We collected right around 5,000 (signatures),” a spokesperson for Friends of Discovery wrote in an email. “But we know many of the signatures will be invalidated due to things like illegible handwriting, or forgetting to print their name above their signature. And then obviously there will be a significant number of people who will not actually be registered to vote or who may not even live in the city boundaries who will be invalid.”

The group is pursuing a referendum to reverse the council’s 4-1 approval of Brookfield Residential Properties’ proposal, which would re-zone about 23 acres near the southwest corner of Twin Oaks Valley Road and Village Drive — just south of Cal State San Marcos — from commercial to residential to pave the way for the new condominiums.

Friends of Discovery had more than 66 volunteers circulating petitions. The group of residents isn’t opposed to growth, spokeswoman Becky Shipley said, they just want it to be well planned.

In order for the petition to move forward, 4,016 validated signatures are needed, city spokeswoman Sarah MacDonald said.

Should the Registrar of Voters determine validated signatures meet the requirement of 4,016, notice will be given to Friends of Discovery and the City Council will need to certify the petition during a council meeting, at which time IT can either accept the petition or put the petition to the voters on the Nov. 6 ballot.


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  1. Sandy Herman 12 months ago

    A great effort by many warrior volunteers! It is a privilege To be one of those that secure signatures. We certainly need infrastructure to alleviate traffic and to increase capacity in schools before developers build build build. One of my biggest concerns of safety and the risk of being evacuated due to another fire adding more dwellings without fixing roads could be devastating.

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