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Green up your home or business with living art

ENCINITAS — When you think of art, what comes to mind? A beautiful oil painting, or maybe a bronze sculpture? For Madeline Sims, art is also found in a less traditional form — plants.

Sims is the owner of Greens & Things, an interior plantscape design business in Encinitas. She and her team design and install plants in containers, but it is much more than that. “We make living art,” she said. “Our goal is to create beautiful artwork with our plants, succulents and orchids.”

Sims, who studied horticulture in Arizona, began her business in 1996. “I saw an ad in the paper for a plant franchise, but it was too expensive,” she said. “I decided to start my own business. It started with just me, and we’ve slowly built it up over the years in our greenhouse in Leucadia.”

Greens & Things specializes in container plants. Sims and her team design, install and maintain plants for residential and commercial properties all over the county. “Our clients include homeowners, business owners, luxury condo complexes, resorts, banks and property managers.”

The new year marked the end of the busy holiday season for Greens & Things. “We started decorating for clients for Halloween in September, and continue on through for the holidays.” Sims will design, set up and — most importantly for many — take down clients’ holiday displays.

Greens & Things also does custom arrangements using beautiful flowers, orchids and plants. “Our orchid arrangements are phenomenal,” Sims said. “They are artistic centerpieces for your enjoyment.”

Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes the busiest home selling season of the year.

Many clients turn to Greens & Things to help stage their homes with plants. “We simply stage it for the resale ‘wow’ factor,” Sims said.

Another valuable service Greens & Things offers is plant maintenance. Although it seems simple enough, many residential and commercial property owners don’t have the knowledge or the time to properly care for their plants.

One mistake Sims sees is people who think their indoor plant looks unhealthy, so they put it outside to get some sunshine. “When you put an interior plant in the sun, it will kill it,” she said. “The sun burns it.”

Sims said often people have a hard time getting into the routine of caring for their plants. “We offer a systematic way to keep the plants healthy and vibrant inside their environment.”

Sims cares as much about the community as she does her beloved plants. “I love Encinitas,” she said. “The city has always worked with me and supported me.” She also has clients who have been with her since her business started nearly two decades ago.

“I’m grateful I get to work in a business I love,” Sims said. “I just love it!”

For more information about Greens & Things, call (760) 942-1234 or email Madeline Sims at

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