A Place To Call Home

Green parade sets right tone for 2010

There are many happenings in one’s lifetime that bring extra special joy; but the day the call came from Nick at Parks and Recreation saying I had been nominated for Grand Marshal of the Holiday Parade my heart nearly burst.
It was an unbelievable honor plus a chance to represent my beloved Cardiff-by-the-Sea and the city of Encinitas. But I thought I was still dreaming until longtime friend Carolyn Cope called to confirm and set up a press conference luncheon, then I knew it was real. A special thank you to the parade committee for thinking me worthy.
My chariot was a 2010 Ford Mustang GT from Encinitas Ford. I have known Mark Wheeler since 1963 plus the fact that my driver was John Noonan, a friend and volunteer, above and beyond added to the joy. Marc Kratzer and Diane Olivo preceded us with their holiday headgear flashing, Patti Kratzer waved from the car and Craig Kratzer followed in an elf costume shouting greetings.
The fact that it was named Seasons GreeNings was also pleasing to me and there were such entries as a Christmas tree made out of plastic bottles and one made from aluminum cans. Some walkers were dressed in plastic bags and everyone was in the recycle spirit. Recycling is a way of life with me, starting in the early ‘60s in Pomona, then on to upstate New York where we had to take it to the center so having curbside pickup is wonderful.
One summer I gathered aluminum cans to supplement the summer reading program at the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library.
In the 1980s when newspaper prices were good, Craig Kratzer built a bin for the garage of a Friends member, her neighbors brought their papers and he built one for the then vacant lot at the corner of Newcastle and Aberdeen. We bought our first electric typewriter for the library with recycling money. We now collect aluminum cans, glass and plastic, which Craig recycles for our Library Mile of Pennies fund.
At my house boiled egg water and the last drops from the filer is used for plants and Christmas and birthday card fronts are used to make greetings for another year. Magazines are recycled to our giveaway basket in the Book Nook at the library so others can enjoy as are books after we have read them. Friends welcome your magazines and books during library hours. Monies from the Nook go toward scholarships, First Wednesday programs, Children and Summer Reading Programs, book purchases and in areas where needed so donations are appreciated.
If you haven’t been recycling, please follow the lead of the Holiday Parade theme and make 2010 the year you turn everything around and let others enjoy and try to plan at least one day a week when you don’t use your car. Let’s have Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and Rethink be our motto keeping us environmentally conscious in 2010.
Postal Annex + of Cardiff now carries the original London/Paris/Rome/Cardiff-by-the-Sea namedrop T-shirts sharing profit with the Friends of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library, so let’s wear them with pride for the kingdom we love to call home.