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Grant gives firefighters needed equipment

SOLANA BEACH — During emergency operations, it is vital that firefighters have the tools to do their job safely and efficiently. Now, a $10,000 grant from CMR Risk & Insurance Services and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company in coordination with American Assets, Inc. the Solana Beach Fire Department will allow the purchase of new equipment to reduce exposure to contamination from hazardous substances.
A firefighter’s personal protective equipment may be exposed to harmful substances from smoke and bodily fluids at fires and emergency scenes. The commercial-grade smoke extractors are designed to extract harmful toxins without compromising the fabric of the personal protective equipment, making the equipment last longer. It also provides firefighters with a higher level of protection.
Deputy Fire Chief Abelman, local firefighters, and executives from CMR Risk & Insurance, American Assets, Inc. and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company will gather for a special event when the grant package is presented.