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Governing documents nearing completion

RANCHO SANTA FE — Covenant members were provided with an update regarding the status of their governing documents at the July 7 Rancho Santa Fe Association monthly board meeting.

Board President Fred Wasserman shared that the summary was done and nearly all the documents were red lined which would inference the changes.

“Very shortly, we’re going to place those on the website and we’re going to ask you to look at these and to give us your comments prior to the next board meeting,” he said.

Wasserman went on to say that at the next board meeting, the Governance Committee, formerly known as the Governing Documents Committee, will ask the board for approval to new and amended changes in the Articles and Bylaws.

“As soon as the Board approves it, then these will be put out to a vote of the entire membership for approval,” Wasserman said.

At the next meeting, Wasserman anticipated that 45 minutes to an hour would be dedicated for a presentation of these documents. And members would have the opportunity to provide feedback and would have time to review the changes prior to their monthly board meeting.

Wasserman wanted members to know that at the monthly meeting, they would underscore the changes and go through the summary. Explanation of the various changes would be communicated.

“If you have any additional things to add to it at that meeting, we can then add those, assuming the Board wants to do that,” he said. “You’ll have plenty of time to give us your input and I think you’ll be impressed.”

Wasserman noted there were numerous hours that went into this project and estimated they were around a few thousand hours or maybe more.

“Now we’ve stopped counting,” he said.

Board director Allen Finkelson who is also the chair of the Governance Committee chimed in on the topic. He told members that they will receive a clean copy of each document and a fully marked copy of each document showing deletions and changes.

Finkelson added that a number of members requested a summary, which will be provided.

“You’re going to get a summary which shows you the old language, the reasons for the newer language, and the new language,” he said.

Rather than reading numerous pages, the summary will highlight the substantive changes.

Finkelson encouraged those members who would have comments to send him an email ahead of time before the meeting so that they can be considered.

“Anything with advanced notice will be helpful,” he said.