Gift ideas for travelers this holiday season

Dare I say it?
Thanksgiving has almost come and gone already, and the number of shopping days remaining until Christmas gets smaller. If you celebrate this holiday, or are simply looking for gifts for travelers at any time, here are a few suggestions:
ecbc lance daypack

We can’t leave home without it – our electronics, that is. But carrying them comfortably and keeping them safe can be a challenge. I used to hold my breath watching my laptop travel over the roller bars at airport security, and a bit nervous about collecting it on the other end; a laptop is easy to pick off the conveyor belt.  With the ecbc Lance Daypack, you can rest easy. Slip your laptop and tablet in the designated padded pockets and that’s where they stay. When you arrive at security, just unzip the bag and lay it flat. This TSA-approved bag allows the laptop and tablet to remain in the bag. Ecbc sells many durable bags, backpacks and luggage designed especially for carrying electronics and maximum organization.

Pocket Click Stick (2)

Now you don’t have to hand your cell phone to a stranger to get that shot of you standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon. A Pocket Click Stick can do the job. This super lightweight selfie stick extends to 26 inches and best of all, telescopes down to 6 inches to fit in your pocket or purse. No Bluetooth, pairing or batteries required.
Hydaway Bottle – 2
Carry this durable, collapsible bottle in your purse, carry-on bag or even your back pocket and you won’t have to buy that $4 bottle of water after passing through airport security. Also eliminates worrying about cracking or losing that empty plastic bottle that you’ve stashed in your backpack or side pocket. And, of course, using Hydaway Bottles is good for the environment. $20. Comes in many colors.

Here’s a creative new take on the traditional camera tripod. Cleverly designed to imitate the hand of a lizard, the Gekkopod is flexible and can bend and attach on just about anything you can imagine. Wrap it around your handle bars; attach it to a tree branch or prop up your phone for a video chat. About $20.

SuperMe Cape n Nap

SuperMe CAPE n NAP
Kids love superheroes and parents love kids who can travel well. The SuperME collection of products will make both kids and parents happy. Sleek backpacks contain a superhero cape (models for boys and girls) and include a mask. The backpack is large enough to hold snacks, a drink, a change of clothes and workbooks or other toys to keep kids busy.  Also available: a travel pillow that converts into a cape.  Visit

Ultra Fast Dry Towel

This multi-duty towel dries quickly and without odors, thanks to anti-microbial technology. Who couldn’t use one of these in the car, golf bag or backpack; at beach, gym or campsite; and when traveling with kids? It doubles as a cooling towel, blanket or sarong. Comes in eight colors and three sizes. Machine wash and dry. Approximately $15 to $35. Order from Amazon.

Glammer tool

This ingenious little tool could save your life. Stash the Glammer in your car’s glove compartment or clip to the visor for easy access. In an emergency, it can break car windows and cut through seatbelts. $24.

Dana Wharf Holiday Boat Parade

This holiday season, give an experience – like driving up the coast to Dana Point Harbor to see the annual Boat Parade of Lights. Kids especially will love this year’s Star Wars theme. Become a part of the parade by boarding a Dana Wharf Whale Watching boat and see the nearly 90 brightly illuminated vessels from the water. Dates: Dec. 11, 12, 18 and 19. $29 adults’ $15 kids 12 and under.

E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer living in North County. Tell her about your travels at


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