Small Talk

Getting my geek on at ComicCon

I saw Bart Simpson. I hung out briefly with Boba Fett and Darth Vader, a zombie, some large machine-like creature, some very buff centurions and I even rubbed elbows with Seth Green.
If you don’t know who Seth Green is, well, then you are seriously lacking in coolness. Even I, who has been known to score pretty low on the cool meter, remembered him as the son of Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil who got told to “zip it!”
However, I did lose points because I didn’t know exactly why Green was signing autographs on the ComicCon exhibit floor. It involves adult cartoons too strange even for me. If you need details, just ask someone between 18 and 25.
Meanwhile, it turns out I have been a ComicCon fan for years, but just didn’t realize it. The signs were all there. Basically I am a huge fan of imagination and whimsy …. and ComicCon is pretty much Whimsy Central. I have been known to find any excuse to wear a costume and am quite comfortable looking just a little ridiculous. I love science fiction and especially science fiction movies. I have been a “Star Trek” fan since the first season, a “Star Wars” fan as well. The clincher is that I was as big a fan of my children’s cartoon shows as they were, from “Rescue Rangers” to “Invader Zim” to “Angry Beavers.”
When my godson gave me the heads up to buy my ticket months ago, I decided to go for it before a) I was really too old to walk from one end of the Convention Center to the other and/or b) the rumors come true and the iconic event leaves San Diego for a more spacious spot in Orange County or L.A. If I am required to drive past that Orange County border to get to something, even ComicCon loses its appeal.
It was a day full of youthful exuberance and a visual feast. (I try to expose myself to youthful exuberance as often as possible in hopes of absorbing some subcutaneously.) I’m not sure what tickled me the most. It might have been the street signs outside the Convention Center written in Klingon. It could have been seeing the trailers for “Battle: Los Angeles 2011” in serious surround sound. Or maybe it was the two or three adorable attendees who actually complimented my green hair.
Well, sure. You can just go to ComicCon looking normal, but it’s an opportunity lost. I should have gone as Medusa, who was featured this year, looking very like me before my shower.  Or I could just skip any makeup, grab an apple and, ba-da-bing, you’ve got your wicked witch. But even with my minimal effort, seriously costumed people chatted and joked easily with me. If you are willing to set aside a workday, paint your hair green, and stand in endless lines, you have, apparently, earned their respect.
I loved that the crowds range from established stars to upcoming creative minds trying to break into the business. And you never really know — either one might be standing right next to you.