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Gaspar announces run for mayor

ENCINITAS — After months of speculation, Encinitas Councilwoman Kristin Gaspar announced she would indeed run for mayor, setting up a potential battle between she and council colleague Tony Kranz.

Encinitas voters will elect the city’s first elected mayor Nov. 4 after decades of the position being ceremonious in nature.

Gaspar made the announcement on Saturday at the 20th anniversary of Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy, where she serves as chief financial officer.

“During my first term on the council and as Mayor, I have focused on and voted for projects and services the vast majority of citizens support, such as Moonlight Beach renovations, the Olivenhain Fire Station, completing the Encinitas Community Park and improving the quality of our roads,” Gaspar said in a statement. “My public service experience, strong fiscal record, and business skills make me the most qualified candidate to protect local quality of life.”

Kranz, who serves as deputy mayor, is one of four people who have already pulled nomination paperwork for a mayoral run. He allies with the current council majority, which includes Lisa Shaffer and Teresa Barth, who has announced she will not seek reelection.

Gaspar and Mark Muir comprise the current council minority. Both in recent months have voted against the city’s proposed debt-financed purchase of the Pacific View Elementary School site for $10 million and Moonlight Beach Lifeguard Tower renovation for $3 million. Both have cited the $733,000 annual debt service payments (30-year term) and the price tag for the purchase as excessive.

Gaspar also touts her opposition to a proposed sales-tax increase that the council majority discussed earlier this year. The council ultimately sidelined the plan in March.

In addition to Gaspar and Muir, peace activist Alex Fidel, local activist Al Rodbell and local engineer Munawer “Mike” Bawany are the others to signal interest in running for the mayoral position.

Fidel is the only one to return his paperwork and be certified for the Nov. 4 ballot, City Clerk Kathy Hollywood said.

Candidates have until Aug. 8 to return their nomination paperwork.


Fact Checker July 30, 2014 at 8:15 am

Gaspar is setting up strawmen to push against since she has no track record to run on, other than saying “no.” In her first 2 years while she was part of the majority, she did not advocate more money for roads; did not fund the Moonlight Beach safety tower replacement or facilities maintenance – she supported putting all the money into the new sports park. Kranz did not support a sales tax – there was no proposal to raise taxes. There was a request for information on how sales tax works, so the Council and the public, who had just approved the “right to vote” initiative, could understand what was involved IF there was a need for more revenues – only the public can VOTE for a sales tax. The Council does not have that authority but the public has the Right to Vote on it if they want. So look at the facts – Gaspar has no accomplishments to show for her four years on Council. Nothing. She initiated nothing but ERAC, and how did that work for us in bringing the community together around affordable housing? Anything else she’s done? What is she for? Has she offered any alternatives to the things she says she opposes? A different vision with a different financial plan? Just voting no is not leadership.

Reality August 7, 2014 at 9:38 pm

Kranz accepted a very expensive, probably $30,000, all expense paid trip to Israel for himself and his wife from the same people for whom he soon thereafter voted to alter their zoning to allow “lodging” in an AG zone, increasing the lands value by a lot. He didn’t recuse himself, or even announce that he had taken the travel gift. He just voted for the benefit of his benefactors.

Dalager got creamed for less. Where’s the Coadt News on this?
Kranz wants to be Mayor? No ethics, No thanks!

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