From the Publisher: Setting the record straight

From the Publisher: Setting the record straight
Jim Kydd

My recent actions have been called “illegal,” “immoral,” “covert” and many other things I cannot print. 

So I am writing this to dispel any myths.

All of this is a matter of record. You can confirm it for yourself if you care to.

The web site called was set up by me at the request of some other citizens.

Prior to launching the site I registered the name with the County Recorder as a business owned by me. The business was entirely funded by my private funds.

The intention from the beginning was to keep The Coast News separate from the new web site.

The Coast News is held to much higher standards than the average web site.

I made no attempt to hide my identity as the owner.

In fact, as reported in the U-T, the owner of the site (me) was easily identified by an online search of fictitious business filings.

All of the necessary political disclosure documents are current and have been filed with the City and the State.

As time went by and I got deeper into the information on the site, I decided to get more actively involved.

I bought ads in my own newspaper.

I am an ad man and communicate better in that format. I chose The Coast News because it is read by more people in Encinitas than any other paper.

Since was already a registered political entity and was easily attributed to me, I signed the ads with that name.

I claim the same right as any individual to express my political views as long as the laws are followed.


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