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From the Publisher: Setting the record straight

My recent actions have been called “illegal,” “immoral,” “covert” and many other things I cannot print. 

So I am writing this to dispel any myths.

All of this is a matter of record. You can confirm it for yourself if you care to.

The web site called was set up by me at the request of some other citizens.

Prior to launching the site I registered the name with the County Recorder as a business owned by me. The business was entirely funded by my private funds.

The intention from the beginning was to keep The Coast News separate from the new web site.

The Coast News is held to much higher standards than the average web site.

I made no attempt to hide my identity as the owner.

In fact, as reported in the U-T, the owner of the site (me) was easily identified by an online search of fictitious business filings.

All of the necessary political disclosure documents are current and have been filed with the City and the State.

As time went by and I got deeper into the information on the site, I decided to get more actively involved.

I bought ads in my own newspaper.

I am an ad man and communicate better in that format. I chose The Coast News because it is read by more people in Encinitas than any other paper.

Since was already a registered political entity and was easily attributed to me, I signed the ads with that name.

I claim the same right as any individual to express my political views as long as the laws are followed.


Cyrus Kamada October 25, 2012 at 4:31 pm

Jim, thanks for being a courageous citizen. Citizen engagement and a free press which openly reports what ALL the people are saying is one of the few counter-balances to the huge amount of developer and PAC money flooding into Encinitas at election time. As everyone knows, the opinion sections of the Union and the NC Times are bought and paid for by Doug Manchester, and obviously, some would prefer the same fate for the Coast News. The fact that you’ve taken an independent stance has made you a target, but you should know that it’s also made you a hero.

laurie michaels October 25, 2012 at 4:54 pm

Cyrus, you couldn’t have said it better.
Jim has put himself on the line for something he strongly believes in, and given us much needed ammunition against big money and abuse of power positions. He is certainly my hero.

laurie michaels October 25, 2012 at 4:56 pm

I should have said “candidates who abuse their power”.

Garth Murphy October 25, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Jim the Coast News is the best local paper I have ever encountered and the editorial content is always sensible and focused on critical analysis of local issues and the betterment of the community. Your personal opinions on the current Encinitas city council are shared by many if not most of the residents of Encinitas. Jerome Stocks has been in power too long and it has gone to his head. He has become arrogant and disrespectful of the community he serves and constantly breaks the little laws of the city with impunity and unapologetic disdain for those who protest. This is typical of professional politicians in power for too long and usually just the tip of the iceberg of deeper corruptions of the soul and wallet.
This is why we have term limits. It is not Jerome’s fault. He cannot help what he does. But it becomes our fault if we let him continue on this corrupted path that poisons the local political process. The fact you have the courage to call him and his cronies on their misdeeds in public, and put your money where your heart is, makes you a hero, not a victim and allows the political process to take an informed choice: to dump Stocks or not. I say cheer the hero and dump the villain on November 6th.

encinitas4us October 25, 2012 at 8:18 pm

I appreciate what Jim Kydd is doing for Encinitas. Just because you are the publisher of a Newspaper should not prevent you to express your opinions as a private citizen. Doug Manchester does it in a much more indicious way.
Thanks for having the courage of your opinions and being on the side of the majority of Encinitians that want to see change on Nov 6th. It will happen!

Candace Kamada October 26, 2012 at 10:11 am

After 25 years of unfailing dedication to the public’s right to know about local political maneuvers that threaten our quality of life, Mr. Kydd deserves not only our deep, unspoken appreciation and admiration, he deserves a wellspring of written support that recognize his valiant efforts on our behalf. As we observe the purchase of Union Tribune and the North County Times that clearly trumpet development interests and the agenda of our wealthiest citizens, I am deeply grateful to Jim Kydd for the significant role he has played as one of the last TRUE CHAMPIONS of the public’s right to know. Jim Kydd has always demonstrated that he has the best interests of our cherished community in his heart. The existence of a free press is an absolutely essential component to ongoing democracy because it can shine the light on policy failures and malfeasance by public officials. Jim Kydd is a HERO to
all of us who value a true working democracy, not one that is dominated by special interests. The only 2 papers I subscribe to are The Coast News and The L.A. Times and right now Rupert Murdoch is trying to buy the Tribune, a group of papers which the L.A. Times is part of. Doug Manchester is also interested in the purchase of the Tribune papers. So please support our local champion of the Free Press, Jim Kydd and subscribe to The Coast News. You will not only be making an investment in Democracy, but you will be helping to protect the community character and quality of life so many of us cherish. Thank you.

C.J. Minster October 26, 2012 at 1:22 pm

We are so lucky to have an independent newspaper in Encinitas that is free from the influences of big money. I look forward to reading The Coast News each week to find out what events are happening locally and how decisions our City government makes could impact the quality of life in Encinitas. I also look forward to reading community commentaries and letters to the editor, which provide a window into the diversity and eccentricities that contribute toward making Encinitas such a unique place to live. I don’t always agree with what is said, but I value the opportunity of hearing other perspectives. Where else can we get that—in the U-T?

When you hear some of the recent criticisms of Jim Kydd and The Coast News, please consider the source of those criticisms and the motivations of those throwing the stones. Then consider further the valuable service Jim Kydd and The Coast News have provided to our city, free of charge, over the years.

Al Rodbell October 27, 2012 at 7:59 am


There’s an old adage, to have freedom of the press, buy a newspaper. It’s your baby and you have a right to express yourself. If only we had a larger collection of independent papers, rather than the growing monolithic Doug Manchester, who in a few short years has become the singular controlling voice of the metropolitan San Diego newspaper readers.

And now, the LA Times is on the block, with the top two contenders Rupert Murdoch and Doug Manchester. Neither of these men are shy about putting their stamp on their publications, nor should you be.

City for Sale October 28, 2012 at 12:27 am

It does seem interesting that the Council Majority likes to point to favorable press when they get it from the UT or the North County Times. If the Coast News prints a story that is unfavorable, they attack Jim.

I have yet to see them take on an article and prove that what was written was factually incorrect!

Cyrus Kamada October 28, 2012 at 8:39 am

So true. What Jim did was similar to the organization recently sending out the results of a $20,000 taxpayor-funded survey in a mass mailer used as a campaign ad for Stocks and Muir. The difference, however, is that Jim fully expected to be identified as the private source of his independent expenditures, whereas we still have no idea who is. Moreover, Jim paid for his content out of his own pocket. You, me and the rest of the taxpayers of Encinitas shelled out $20,000 to conduct the citizen’s survey which was turned into a campaign ad for Stocks and Muir by

It just never ends. Their latest dirty trick is to send out a fake email attacking Tony Kranz, using the Registrar of Voters email lists. In the height of irony, the fake sender’s name is misspelled as Jim Kidd! They will just throw anything up against the wall and hope that it sticks.

They have built this ethical swamp, and rather than drain it, they have decided to dive in and lead a race to the bottom.

Lynn Marr October 29, 2012 at 2:34 am

Thanks for all of the fine posts, here, and for your statement, Jim Kydd. Local politics has a way of becoming a machine, fueled by an insatiable appetite for growth, including expansion of ego and ambition. Council sits as judicial, legislative and executive branches: judge, jury and executioner. Activists and the media offer the only true checks and balances.

Because we have no real separation of powers, our outgoing mayor has, through the city manager, unilaterally and arbitrarily canceled a regularly scheduled council meeting. This was done in the name of expediency, but was out of fear of criticism by those who wished to speak at oral communications.

Thank you, Mr. Kydd. Thank you for giving us a forum and a voice. Thanks for being professional in reporting the objective facts, and for having the courage of your own convictions.

In a world of spin, we respect your straightforwardness, your integrity and insight, your relationship to us as part of our community where we laugh and cry and love, where we work and play and sometimes struggle to communicate, to understand, to be free from the chains of ignorance, deceit and apathy.

Those who make decisions out of fear close their minds. Bullies typically try to pick on someone who seems powerless, the “little guy.” At this point, or at this stage of his lifeline, I agree, outgoing mayor, Jerome Stocks “can’t help himself.” By our not voting for him or Kevin Forrester, his ally, Stocks may eventually gain some insight and humility?

Outgoing mayor Jerome Stocks has shafted himself with the knife of his own lack of respect for us as individuals or as a community, the very public whom he is sworn, in trust, to uphold.

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