Freeway expansion forums creating plenty of interest

DEL MAR — If attendance at community forums is any indication, the I-5 expansion to 14 lanes through the San Dieguito area will garner its share of pros and cons.
However, it won’t be as intense and heated as occurred when historic Highway 101 was projected to slice through the district from Leucadia to Del Mar. No advance announcement had been made as is usually the case when Big Daddy is involved.
It all started one morning in 1947 when a San Dieguito Citizen reporter heading south at the north end of Leucadia noticed a section of chain link fence that had a sign hanging from it.
Being a curious reporter he stopped to read the sign. It announced 101 was to be the future interstate freeway.
A phone call to Sacramento confirmed the fact.
State Highway engineer E.E. Wallace reasoned that motorists would enjoy a scenic view of the Pacific when driving though the area.
This triggered a 10-year battle between local volunteers in opposition and Sacramento.
Herschell Larrick Sr. headed the local organization.
There were a small number of residents who thought the coast route was a good idea because they could sell their Depression-depressed property to the state.
After thousands and thousands of hours and volunteer money had been spent the highway department for the first time in history caved into local opposition and Interstate 5 was adopted where it is presently.