Francine Busby

This year’s returning Democratic hopeful is Francine Busby, who has proven to be tough competition in the last four Congressional elections.
A resident of the 50th District for more than two decades, Busby is campaigning once again in an effort to bring personalized attention to the area. She feels that district constituents have long been misrepresented, and that it’s time for a change.
“This district deserves a representative that’s working full-time, and focusing on the issues that are important here as their number one priority,” she said.
First and foremost, Busby wants to create more jobs and economic opportunity in the district. She recognizes that North County’s natural resources and residents present a “unique position” to encourage more green and technology companies to call the 50th District home.
“With the discoveries that have been made here, we’re changing the way the world lives,” she said. “We’re improving lives.”
Busby wants to create a team effort with local hospitals and research leaders that will bring more research and biotechnology jobs to the area, creating high-paying jobs and stimulating the economy.
“Political involvement is really important in decision making when bringing facilities to the region,” she said.
A strong believer in accessible healthcare, Busby is adamant about making sure the recently approved bill is properly implemented. It is a top priority to ensure that medical professionals are efficient with their health care delivery and local residents work to harbor their own healthy habits.
“This should be a transformational opportunity for us to really improve all of our health, health care systems and to control the cost,” Busby said.
Through her work with the Cardiff school board and in her campaign, Busby is also focused on improving access to and quality of education. She notes that students face tough competition on an international level, and should be adequately prepared to enter the job market.
“Education is our future,” she said. “We should be doing everything possible to make sure that every child has access to affordable higher education.”
Several other key issues that Busby has focused on in her campaign include supporting small businesses, ending illegal immigration and promoting conservation efforts to preserve the local habitat.
“How do we capitalize on the assets that we have here? How do we work together? These are all issues that people here care about it,” she said.
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