Former mayor, supervisor says ‘yes’ to Prop A

As the fourth mayor and 23-year resident of the beautiful city of Encinitas, I am very concerned about the future Quality of Life of all residents if Proposition A is not approved by a majority of the Voters June 18. 

The Encinitas Right to Vote Initiative is probably the most important issue to be placed before the voters since incorporation of Encinitas in October of 1986. Back then, the residents of the five communities joined together to tell the county that they were sick and tired of having their town destroyed by overdevelopment and, finally, by a great majority, they voted to incorporate and thereby put future development into the hands of our new city of Encinitas.

I was a planning commissioner and then-City Council member who reviewed the proposed General Plan, heard the voices of the residents, and voted to adopt the city’s first General Plan.

Over the past decade, due to a City Council majority who had become immune to the wishes of its citizens, Encinitas has fallen under the spell of those elected leaders who are more concerned about the interests of the development industry than of the residents they were elected to serve — choosing to increase the height limits and densities throughout many parts of the city without a vote of the people. That must not continue, and your vote June 18 can put a stop to this unwanted practice.

Proposition A guarantees you a vote on increases in density above those allowed in the General Plan and any increases in height above 30-feet. Prop A will not allow the existing lower residential height limits to be increased. And your right to vote is codified by your vote. It cannot be removed or overridden by a future City Council.

Even the city’s own consultant, Rutan and Tucker, understands that. On page 15 of their report they conclude:

“If passed, the voter approval requirements, extended public notice requirements and absolute height limit would accomplish the goal of voter control and facilitate the maintenance of community character in Encinitas.”

The power is now in your hands and your vote can make it happen. There are huge changes in density and height being currently considered by city staff and various committees. Proposals of four to five stories and density of more than 30 units per acre are under serious consideration. This is your chance to make a difference in the future Quality of Life of your community. Vote yes on Prop A June 18 and take back control of your beloved Encinitas.

Pam Slater-Price served as the mayor of Encinitas in 1990 and was District 3 County Supervisor from 1992 to 2012. She now resides in Del Mar with her husband Hershell Price.



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